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The Benefits of NEST's API / Integration Tool for Accountants & Bureaus

15th Oct 2015
Marketing Manager BrightPay
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This winter, NEST are due to release a new API or direct integration tool, which allows payroll software to communicate with NEST.  An API translated means ‘application program interface’, which enables systems to directly interact or speak to each other. Examples of APIs that people use day to day are Google maps, Instagram and Twitter.

BrightPay, along with other payroll systems are working with NEST to have this API integration or web services feature built into the payroll. Using this tool in payroll will further allow users to streamline the auto enrolment process and make it more convenient.  

How does it work?

The NEST tool will be a similar concept to the RTI tool which makes it possible for users to communicate directly with HMRC. When using the NEST API tool, users will no longer have to export the data from the payroll package and then log into the NEST web portal to import the data. This API gateway is designed to allow accountants or bureaus submit their data into NEST with one click within the payroll itself.  

This method of sending information between two systems will be of particular interest to bureaus who could have hundreds of payroll clients. The API will allow users to avoid having to manually create enrolment and contribution files, thus saving bureaus a lot of time and reducing data processing errors.

NEST reports:

'By eliminating the need to log into two systems and reducing data processing errors, this will save time and administration effort for employers and their delegates. The ability to submit key data in one click will also result in faster processing times.'

Benefits for Customers

  • Time savings

  • Reduced errors

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased operational efficiency

  • Data accuracy

  • Simple processing


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By Henry Tapper
15th Oct 2015 14:32

Not only NEST

It's good to see other providers taking big steps in this direction.

Several private sector providers are due to launch similar online products in the next two quarters.

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Karen Bennett
By Karen Bennett
15th Oct 2015 14:55

It would be great

Thanks Henry,

It would be great if other pension providers launched a similar integration. A tool like this would really help speed up the auto enrolment process each pay period, especially for bureaus. 




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