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5 reasons your payroll clients will thank you

4th Nov 2020
Marketing Manager BrightPay
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"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." Who said that? None other than Walt Disney and the quality of his studio’s movies and entertainment ventures consistently meet that criteria and stand the test of time.

Payroll is perhaps the least entertaining of a bureau’s activities, important and all as it is. It can be time-consuming, inefficient, error-prone and mind-numbingly mechanical in nature. All the more reason a bureau will be celebrated if it can transform that vital task into a time-saving, efficient, more accurate and fluent experience.

Cloud automation has opened up a great opportunity to create efficiencies for payroll bureaus that were unheard of until now. The gains that can be made in time-saving, accuracy, security and overall flexibility will not only go down well with existing clients, but the buzz will attract new clients too.

Here are the top five reasons your clients will thank you for introducing them to BrightPay’s cloud-based add-on, BrightPay Connect:

1. Admin reduction through employee self-service:

Employers have the option of offering employees access to their own self-service portal. All very well for the employees, say you, but what’s in it for the client? Ordinarily the bane of payroll/HR teams, payslip distribution and managing annual leave requests are rendered tame through BrightPay Connect.

Employees can view and retrieve all historic payslips and other payroll documents through their secure employee self-service portal. Time spent locating, emailing and printing payslips for staff is now freed up for more profitable tasks.

2. GDPR compliance through self-service app:

The GDPR legislation recommends that organisations should provide individuals with a secure self-service system containing their personal data. Alongside the new data protection regulation, there is an irreversible trend towards employees managing their personal business on smartphones and through app usage. This trend increases in proportion the younger in age the employee bracket is.

With BrightPay’s employee app, all of the employee’s personal details and relevant HR documentation are in one secure, convenient location on their smartphone. The employee can also submit a change of address or phone number, ensuring GDPR compliance. Any changes made to an employee’s personal data flows seamlessly to both the client’s online dashboard and the payroll software on the bureau’s PC. Again, this serves to reduce payroll queries from employees.

3. Annual leave requests reduced in volume:

Annual leave requests and queries about annual leave entitlements are a frequent everyday fact of life for those on the payroll/ HR team. But that does not need to be the case. Employees can view their leave left to take and leave allocation on their self-service portal via the employee calendar. In addition, employees can use BrightPay Connect to submit annual leave requests. This functionality eliminates the need for the employee to contact the payroll department for information.

4. Reducing insecurity around security with automatic backup:

According to research, more employers would adopt advanced payroll technology if they could trust that their data would be safe in an online environment. With BrightPay Connect, cloud integration means that the payroll data is backed up every 15 minutes and again at file closure. Each backup is stored chronologically and can be restored at any time, if needed.

In terms of data security and threats such as authentication hacking, data injection and ransomware attacks, BrightPay Connect is encrypted and stored on the ultra-secure Microsoft Azure platform, ensuring that clients have all the benefits of the technology without the risk.

5. Positive perception by employees:

In this era of almost total employment, employers don’t just compete on wage when attracting and retaining their workers. Becoming an employer of choice and having an attractive work environment has never been more important.

BrightPay Connect offers autonomy to employees and gives them a sense of independence, power and control. Not only that, but the positivity and loyalty engendered by having access to their employee self-service app and smartphone access will attract more talent as the client’s reputation grows.

For more on how introducing BrightPay Connect can delight your clients download our free guide here.


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