Chief Commercial Officer BrightPay
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BrightPay retains 99% Customer Satisfaction Rating

20th Oct 2020
Chief Commercial Officer BrightPay
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At BrightPay, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We know that when you purchase your license and use BrightPay, we need to provide more than just great payroll software. Our customer support is absolutely fundamental to our success and to the growth of BrightPay in the UK. It's why so many of you have moved from other payroll software providers to BrightPay. And it’s why our customer satisfaction rating remains one of the highest in the industry.  

However, this doesn’t mean we can become complacent when it comes to keeping our customers happy. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, we carry out customer surveys regularly to make sure our customers are satisfied with both the payroll software and its many features, and our customer support team.  

In addition to keeping us informed as to how satisfied our customers are with our customer support, these surveys also provide invaluable information regarding what features of BrightPay you’re enjoying most, which features need a little fine-tuning, and which features you’d like us to introduce next. In short - our customer satisfaction surveys drive the direction of BrightPay and as such, they’re one of the most important things we do.  

We’re proud to say that according to our most recent survey, BrightPay continues to enjoy a 99.6% customer satisfaction rating.  

What Our Customers Are Saying 

In our latest survey, we asked a range of questions focusing on everything from how BrightPay payroll software handled COVID-19 schemes to our payroll and accounting API integrations with top UK accounting firms. Here’s what you said.  

Customer Support 

We wanted to know how helpful our customers find our customer services resources, which include phone and email support as well as online help documentation and video tutorials. When asked, respondents said that 97.4% were satisfied with our telephone support, 98.2% were satisfied with our email support, 98.1% were satisfied with our online help documentation and 99.2% were satisfied with our video tutorials.  

BrightPay API Integrations 

Our API integrations are some of the newest features to the payroll software. They allow payroll administrators to send payroll data to both pension providers and accounting software directly from within BrightPay, saving time and effort during the payroll process. When we asked our customers how happy they were with these integrations, 9 out of 10 said these integrations were either excellent, very good or good.  

Batch Processing For Bureaus 

Many BrightPay customers are payroll bureaus who have to process payroll for dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of businesses at a time. For these customers we developed our batching payroll processing functionality which allows them to process payroll for multiple clients at a time. When we asked these customers how happy they were with this feature, 97.7% said that they thought it was either excellent, very good or good.  

What Are You Waiting For? Book Your Free Demo Today.  

If you’re as impressed with these results as we are, then why not book your free demo today and let one of our BrightPay experts show you why our customers are so happy. We will walk you through the payroll software, its many standout payroll features and explain to you the simple process of moving over from another payroll software provider. Book your demo today and discover why BrightPay customers are so happy.  


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