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Client Portals: 3 Key Benefits for Payroll Bureaus

20th Nov 2020
Marketing Manager BrightPay
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Downward pressure on accountancy fees is increasing. It’s not going away. If you want any hope of succeeding and really creating success as a payroll bureau, it’s important to stand out from the competition.  

Cloud innovation and online payroll portals introduce simple ways to impress your clients and make your payroll service stand out. For payroll bureaus, all of the benefits can be summed up into three key benefits - save time, improve efficiency and increase profits. 

  • Save Time - Bureaus are no longer wasting time on manual, administrative tasks, and instead, automating tasks through the payroll software and delegating tasks to their clients. As advanced, cloud technologies are introduced, clients become more efficient themselves and are easier to serve where everybody benefits. 
  • Improve Efficiency - Bureaus can increase the efficiency of their practice. With less time spent on mundane administrative tasks such as entering employee hours and making corrections to the payroll, you will be guaranteed to be running your practice much more efficiently and profitably. 
  • Increase Profits - By automating time-consuming tasks, BrightPay Connect helps accountants and payroll bureaus use their time more effectively, allowing them to extend their reach to a wider network of clients. You will have more time to be able to cater for an increased number of clients, and you will also be able to cater for more complex payroll clients, as the responsibility for entering the payments for irregular employees can be placed on the client themselves. You may even decide to put this time towards improving your work-life balance.  

Download this free guide today to discover how you can impress your clients and stand out from other payroll service providers, while your software hums along quietly in the background, automating and simplifying the repetitive aspects of the job and keeping you compliant. 

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Discover more ways that BrightPay can help you save time, improve efficiency and increase profits. Book a demo today to see BrightPay Connect in action. 

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