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NEW: BrightPay integration with Twinfield

17th Nov 2020
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Twinfield offers online accounting software that includes everything an accountant could need, from invoicing to management accounting for businesses big and small. That’s why the new partnership with BrightPay makes perfect sense.  

Now, BrightPay users can integrate their payroll software directly with their Twinfield accounting system, making the process of adding payroll journals to accounting ledgers simple. Together with Twinfield, BrightPay has provided a solution that saves time, effort and money to payroll and accounting professionals. With our clever API integration, the two programs can share data easily and efficiently, cutting out the need to spend hours moving information from one to the other.  

Say goodbye to time-consuming and monotonous manual data entry and duplication, and say hello to a streamlined payroll and accounting process that makes sense.  

What Does This API Integration Mean For Your Business? 

Thanks to API integration technology, using BrightPay and Twinfield together has just gotten easier. The API integration allows BrightPay to communicate with Twinfield, and vice versa, so the two pieces of software can work together for seamless integration and simpler work processes. Now, once you’ve completed your payroll, you can send the payroll journal directly into your Twinfield general ledger, eliminating the need to manually import the payroll journal and the time that that can take.  

BrightPay and Twinfield

What Are The Benefits?  

The benefits of integrating your BrightPay and Twinfield systems are clear. Being able to directly upload payroll data into your accounting software saves a huge amount of time. Not only is importing the information manually extremely time consuming, but it’s also monotonous and tedious. Tasks such as this are often more at risk of errors, which can be very problematic for the administrator who then needs to go back into the accounting package, locate where the error occurred and make the relevant corrections. And, it goes without saying, that less errors and a speedier process equals value added service overall that everyone will love.  

How Does It Work? 

Using the BrightPay and Twinfield integration is incredibly easy and intuitive. You can sign into your Twinfield account directly from BrightPay. Once you sign in, your nominal ledger accounts will be retrieved and you can simply map each payroll data item to the relevant nominal account.  

Payroll journals can include records for payslips across several pay frequencies and you can include individual records for each employee or choose to merge records for each unique date. A nominal account can be used for multiple items, and you also have the ability to specify any circumstance for which amounts should be mapped to a different nominal account code (e.g. depending on period type, directorship, departments, specific tates/additions/deductions, etc.).  

Integrate BrightPay And Twinfield Today 

If you’re looking for some more detailed information on integrating BrightPay and Twinfield, we’ve created this helpful guide to walk you through each of the steps from start to finish. All you need to do is open up your BrightPay payroll software and follow the steps to transform how you manage your payroll and accounting in just a few clicks.  

For more information on integrating BrightPay with Twinfield, book a free demo with our team of experts today.  

BrightPay Payroll Software

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