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Why BrightPay were awarded COVID heroes

8th Dec 2020
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BrightPay has been announced as the winner of COVID-19 Hero Award (supplier) at the Accounting Excellence Awards. The judges recognised that BrightPay went above and beyond to support payroll professionals at a time when they were under pressure with furlough claims and trying to interpret guidance. 

Paying employees was one of the areas most impacted by COVID-19 and we recognised customers would struggle to implement government schemes.  

The main challenge for BrightPay has been delivering upgrades to minimise the stress for customers. Our COVID-19 upgrades were released in advance of scheme changes being implemented. In most cases, we were first to the market with upgrade releases with other providers taking longer or needing additional software bug fixes, not automating scheme calculations or not implementing functionality for every change. Our speedy upgrades to the payroll software focused on automation functionality to accurately calculate scheme payments and claims which meant customers were prepared and compliant.  

Our customer support strategy involved additional staffing and increased hours. Our comprehensive webinar, blog and email strategy educated and informed customers about COVID-19 processes and presented demonstrations of how to action these schemes in our payroll products. Our multi-channel approach guided our customers to easily implement government measures.  

Find out more about BrightPay’s COVID-19 Response Plan and how we have helped our customers throughout the pandemic. 

COVID-19 Rating: (responded as excellent, very good or good) 

  • Overall COVID-19 handing: 98.6%  
  • Free online COVID-19 webinars: 99.4%  
  • Online help and support: 98.3%  
  • Telephone and email support: 97.4%  
  • Payroll software upgrades: 98.8%  

Customer Testimonials: 

“Another set of key workers whose hard work goes un-noticed.” 

“BrightPay have made it easy for us during this difficult time.” 

“Helpline staff are 100% brilliant.” 

“Really impressed by BrightPay’s response to COVID-19.” 

“Covid-19 webinars have been full of information and really helped me.” 

“Best software I’ve used, quick reaction and solutions to Covid and furlough.” 

“Handling of CRJS has been faultless.” 

“Throughout Covid-19 ... BrightPay delivered on time every time.” 

“Thanks for all your help with navigating the furlough scheme - it’s been invaluable.” 

 “Coped with all Covid changes very well! Thank you.” 

“Thanks to @BrightPayUK our lives have been made considerably easier.” 

“It would have been a lot harder to provide that support if we didn’t use BrightPay.” 

“The way they dealt with Covid was just fantastic. Prompt upgrades. Telephone support fab.”

Make sure you’re using a payroll software provider that can support your business during difficult times. Book a demo of BrightPay today.


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