The Profitable Professional: Key ingredient #2

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Kelly Clifford
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In this series of posts that will be released in instalments over the coming weeks on AccountingWEB, I am going to share with you the 10 key ingredients for building a highly profitable, business coaching, consulting or advisory business that are vital for fast tracking your business success.

Key ingredient #2 – A business by design not by default

In business there are lots of twists and turns to navigate and rarely does the journey progress in the way or form that you anticipate. That is certainly my experience anyway. There are some key lessons and observations I made along the way, which I will share with you here.

Being congruent and authentic

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of judging your own success by the perceived success of others. I know I’ve been guilty of it. Social media hasn’t helped at all in this regard. I say ‘perceived’ very deliberately as often there is a very big difference between the message most people share with the external world via social media about what’s going on in their business versus the reality of the situation. In my experience, the reality is usually very different to what they are posting, with many people adopting the 'fake it until they make it' strategy. The simple answer is to block out this social media noise and not to succumb to the online envy that afflicts many. Recognise it for what it is and just focus on doing what you need to do to achieve the success you are seeking. That’s how you ultimately become successful.

Start with your why

I learnt that it’s important to relax more about things generally and stop putting so much pressure on yourself to get results. The biggest breakthrough came when I became clear on my ‘why’. It is the answer to the question, 'Why am I doing this?' What is the core belief that I will build my business around and which will influence the products and services my business provides its valued clients?

Not doing what you think is expected of you – know what you want

When I became clear on my ‘why’ everything else started to fall into place. I became clearer on the area I wanted to focus on and the type of client I wanted to help. It enabled me to be bold enough to scrap most of what I had done with confidence, as I realised that some of my actions were down to what I thought I was expected to do, not necessarily what I wanted to do. Does that make sense? Sometimes we do things that we think others expect of us, but they don’t necessarily make us happy.

‘Keep it real’ and be congruent and authentic to your beliefs and ambitions always. It’s about creating your own reality and taking decisive action to make it happen. Look at challenges as opportunities to grow and tackle those challenges we face with gusto. In the context of finding ways to always move you closer to your business vision, they can often result in even better outcomes. At the end of the day, your business is 'your game'. You’re in charge, so you can set it up and play it by your own rules.

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