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One of those days

30th Jun 2015
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Amount of meaningful work done at the time of writing this post – NIL.

The joys of working for yourself!

Last week I booked my car in to have a tow bar fitted this morning, involves 40 minute drive to fit it. Unfortunately that drive is almost entirely on the M20 and of course operation stack is on at the moment. So travel there and back twice (drop off and collect), plus waiting time, total time 5 hours 30 minutes.

So now here I am at 6pm give or take a few minutes sitting down to do my day’s work.

I’m serious. I’ve mentioned previously that I get irritated/stressed if I don’t get enough proper work done in the day. So that plus the fact I’ve got plenty I want to get done this week means that I’ll be burning the midnight oil tonight.

Not an entirely wasted trip, I did buy a great new trailer :o)


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By petersaxton
30th Jun 2015 18:08


You wouldn't change your situation for practically anything else!

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Routemaster image
By tom123
30th Jun 2015 20:25

Like the trailer

I suppose it depends if you are a morning or evening person. Any work I try and do late at night is usually rubbish.

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
12th Dec 2017 11:08

Very true

@Peter - very true, I wouldn't want to go back to being an employee and having fixed hours. I only missed one call to the office while I was out - most clients call my mobile. The 15 or so e-mails I received while I was out have been dealt with or will be sorted in the morning.

@Tom - I've always preferred working late. When I was at University I usually started writing up my essays around 10pm and usually finished about 2am. I found that way I didn't get interrupted and could just work straight through until it was finished - 1st/2nd draft and then final version.

Work is similar now, I'll find I'll get twice as much done say tonight between 9 and 12 as I would between 9 and 12 tomorrow morning.

I do enjoy mornings though, was up at 5 this morning with the dogs and it was fantastic - early morning sun, mist lifting - lovely.

Trailer - yes, spent a little time researching them and its a step up from my old Erde 122. Means with this and the roof box, fitting Mrs KA, 3 children, 2 dogs and all our camping equipment in our Zafira wont be such a squeeze.

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By petersaxton
01st Jul 2015 09:10

Early or late

When I was an employee AND much younger I would stay out as late as possible and stay in bed until the last minute before I had to go to work.

Now I get up as early as possible (sometimes before I go to bed as At Last the 1948 Show/I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again/Monty Python would say!) as I only have to go downstairs and cross my “courtyard”. I find that I am more likely to sleep for two four hour sessions than eight hours in one go.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
01st Jul 2015 10:02

My Body Clock Got Ruined

when I was in my FD role in a night club/leisure company in the early naughties.

Because of the nature of the business we used to work late to monitor the venue performance, the knock on effect was I often didnt start work until lunch time.

After leaving that role I struggled to get back into being a "morning person" and barely function before 8.00am but come alive in the afternoon and often wide awake until 2.00am.

I now no longer prepare accounts and reports on the back of 8 mojitos as i managed to leave that habit behind when I quit.

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
02nd Jul 2015 18:12

Not in desperately good taste...

I mean, KA, after the week we had only a star blogger like you could get away with posting a link to a "great new trailer". [inside joke for any member who's encountered the numerous posts about HD video streaming we've seen on the site recently].

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
02nd Jul 2015 20:36

Ha ha!

Missed that one John, wish I'd been switched on enough to claim it :o)

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