Straws and camels

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I took a new client on towards the end of last year and I had doubts right from the very start, but this was a referral from a very good existing client so I sort of felt obliged.

This will be a familiar scenario to any readers who have been in practice for a while. Go to prospects premises, win them over but have niggling doubts. Certain mannerisms, comments about fees (yes – obvious one I know).

Anyway after initial quibbles over the fees, which I held firm on, client agreed and was signed up.

Since then it has (seemed to be anyway) an endless stream of calls and emails (that’s ok – to be expected with some new clients - for a while). This was then followed by information being provided in a piecemeal fashion.

Anyway, finally I broke when I received an email on Saturday night questioning my work approach (and this from someone I have been spoon feeding).

Well that was it, straight onto my PC and email and disengagement letter drafted. The steam coming out of my ears had all but stopped at this point so I held off from sending the email with attached letter.

So, back into work this afternoon, a few tweaks to the email and disengagement complete. It feels good.

I need to pay more attention to those gut feelings, they usually prove to be right.

Anyway, back to the tax returns, the worst of which have been done. One more big one to do, the rest of the week will be finalising straight forward one’s. Yes it will be busy but achievable – just the way I like it… 

About Kent accountant

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Chartered Accountant based in Kent.

After leaving practice very soon after qualifying, swearing never to return, in 2011 I did exactly that.

Now a sole practitioner and loving it, business growing rapidly and looking forward to the future as my own boss.


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By chatman
24th Jan 2016 21:53

Me too.
Pretty much exactly the same happened to me. I let it drag on much longer than you though, and only ended it the week before last.

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