Could HMRC get any more shortsighted?

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A question was raised on the Agent Forum asking if agents could change their address using a VAT484. Here's HMRC's reply:

'VAT registered agents can change their address by either VAT 484 or through change VAT registration details on your own organisation government gateway account. This process will also update the clients' records.

'There is no ability to change an agents address on the old agent government gateway account or the new ASA.

'However, a non-VAT registered agent is unable to do change address this way as they cannot change the name or address associated to their agent reference number .If they change address/name they would have to create a new reference and re authorise all their clients 


Notice the last paragraph. HMRC are so shortsighted their system does not allow for agents to move premises. How can HMRC be allowed to design such a system?

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05th Apr 2019 14:11

I have the same problem. HMRC say that when they set up the agent accounts for VAT many years ago, they set up the system so that they cannot change the address for a non VAT registered agent and with all of the advances in technology have not done anything to sort out this problem.
Has anybody else managed to overcome this?

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08th Apr 2019 10:18

And since then I have moved twice.
I sent a letter requesting a change of address which they didn't respond to either.
Considering the various things that can be submitted online it's pathetic the most basic notification cannot be processed.
You can change a companies registered office online with companies house in seconds so why not an agent's address via HMRC online?

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