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HMRC falsely claims the credit

2nd Feb 2018
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HMRC’s article at states “Proving increasingly popular with its handy tips and helpful advice, the department’s online service was used by 9.9 million customers”. Third party software does not have HMRC’s “handy tips and helpful advice” thus the reference suggests that all 9.9 million were filed using HMRC’s GOV.UK. Agents use commercial software so none would have used GOV.UK. The article gives the false impression that the high level of online filing is because of HMRC’s “handy tips and helpful advice” whereas us agents had to struggle with HMRC’s exclusion fiascos. HMRC has completely ignored the huge contributions agents make to the SA process. HMRC, please publish how many of those returns were filed using third party software.

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By Chipette
07th Feb 2018 14:49

"A massive 10.7 million customers submitted their return before the 31 January deadline".


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