MTD start day

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I'm sure it has not been lost on any of us that April Fools' Day was chosen for the start of MTD.

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By djtax
01st Apr 2019 11:27

Haven't you heard the latest this morning (1st April) HMRC have cancelled MTD.....

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to djtax
01st Apr 2019 12:08

Fake News Tut Tut !

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03rd Apr 2019 12:14

LIke GDPR and the millenium bug before it, it is a total non event buried under the pile of muck that is Brexit.

I have spoke to accountants who have spent a load on seminars and got nothing new from it.

Clients are not interested its just something we have to do for them. No clients are running around with letters from HMRC in a panic.

The bridging software is a catch all for those who don't want to change.

Bigger things happening Brexit NLW up Pensions up, Gas Bills up, Rates up etc

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