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Accountants Don't know What's Going on with Social Media

21st Mar 2014
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Caseware are suppliers of Accounts Production, Corporation Tax and Audit Software to leading firms within the accountancy profession. Twice a year, as part of their marketing strategy, they conduct market research to understand what are the key issues affecting UK accountancy practices. They have recently released their autumn 2013 research and it throws up some interesting results.

  • Within Top 100 firms, 17% of staff did not know if they use Linkedin (they all do)
  • Within Top 100 firms, 25% of staff did not know if they use Twitter (they all do)
  • Within Top 100 firms, 25% of staff did not know if they use Facebook (they all do)

So what does this prove; one of my frustrations from corporate life –You can never do enough “communication”. Modern business life offers us many tools – portals, intranets, staff newsletters, client newsletters, social media – as well as the most visible – staff kitchen/canteen noticeboard, but you can never do enough. In fact, when you think you’ve done enough, do a bit more.

Two – it doesn’t matter how much you tell certain staff, if you have a well-structured internal communication program, some people are not bothered or will never read your work.

Three – On the basis that many of the Top 100 firms have more than one branch, there is room for improvement – and social media offers a quick and cost effective method of communicating with staff. The challenges of communicating and keeping colleagues up to date with current initiatives, new client wins, training successes and CSR programs are all topics that colleagues like to hear about, as well as clients.

Four – that the poorest “internal communicators” are the marketing department. Produce great work, but do not tell their colleagues, what they are up to. Promoting the business, and telling colleagues from the same building what they are up too, about to do, or the results of the last campaign seems to have been beyond many of my marketing colleagues.

Five – Most firms do not have plan. It doesn’t take much to add a few of the distribution methods to people’s workload. Ensuring that Management teams are made aware of latest offerings, so they can pass the messages on in team meetings.

Langdon Hamblin (LHSC) is a consultancy that helps accountancy firms deliver business growth. Utilising the Bstar Business advisory platform, employee engagement is a crucial part of any growth plan. LHSC has no business connection Caseware, just finds their research interesting. They write good software too!


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