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Is the Telephone Dead?

20th Mar 2014
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The biggest topic in marketing for 2014 is inbound marketing to help you win clients. Understand your customers intimately, develop buyer personas, deliver content for various stages of the funnel, have great content that you’ll have lots of qualified leads coming to your website at all times. Well the financial performance of companies who deliver Inbound Marketing such as Hubspot and Marketo indicate that it’s a great wave to ride at the moment. Indeed I have a personal reference, a smallish software house, who have been able to change their lead generation programme from telemarketing to Inbound Marketing.

You won’t need to cold call again!!

Is that true? Should it be true?

It’s obvious that inbound marketing works – for some. The early adopters have the advantage that they are ahead of the curve. Agencies exist for companies that do not have the bandwidth or the marketing skills in-house top deliver such content. (Why do so many people assume that if you’re in marketing, you have the skills to deliver the full remit of marketing services?)

However does this mean that the telephone is dead as a marketing resource? I would have to argue No it’s not dead, but it’s evolving. It’s changing in the ways that other areas of business have changed. Many large multinational companies now use automated callers to churn through the thousands of numbers that have to be made e.g. PPI claims.

Telemarketing be that cold calls or warm calls needs to be better. Sales people have to ask better questions, make it a business conversation, rather than a bored monologue. The telephone is still a great resource to get quick results. But it has to be used effectively.

Art Sobczak is an American sales trainer, who has a system called Smart Calling. In his blog on the topic, there are 29 comments to his blog on this topic. There are a few people where they have successfully focused on inbound marketing activities. The majority of the writers though, state that in a B2B focused environment, especially where the sale becomes more complex, the telephone is a compulsory lead generation tool. Andy Preston in the UK is another, excellent sales trainer, who shares a similar view to Art. Cold calling may be dead, but calling certainly isn’t. Better preparation, better questions will lead to an improved business conversation.

So telemarketing isn’t dead – you just have to make sure you approach it correctly and in a business-like fashion. Inbound marketing is a great tool, but it takes time and investment to get it right. No business can solely focus on one tool to help them win clients, until it works correctly. So do not forget the phone, but make sure you do it correctly.

If you would like a FREE 15 minute conversation, to see if we could work together, to help you win new clients, yes potentially including telemarketing then email me on [email protected] to arrange a conversation. I look forward to hearing from you. 


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