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My Three Biggest Mistakes

20th Mar 2014
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There are lots of experts in the marketplace, that aim to sway your opinion, by stating that they are the biggest, fastest , longest option in the marketplace. Whilst I have complete confidence in my ability to make a difference and deliver a positive outcome, I also like to take a human approach.

So, today, I thought I‘d refer back to three of the biggest mistakes, that I have made in my 25 year career of winning new clients. There are undoubtedly many more, but these are three that spring to mind:

Mistake Three:

I had an existing client called Barney xxxxx. I was ringing to agree a meeting time for one of our regular sessions. So in full earshot of the rest of the sales team, I rang and asked for Barney Rubble – he of the Flintstones cartoon. Cue hysterical laughing from my colleagues, a comment never to be forgotten and I had to put the phone down, as I was laughing too much to speak.

Mistake Two

Very early in my first job, I was chatting to a potential client on a regular basis, as quotations were amended. I rang one day and asked for Mrs Julie Jones and when I was put through to Julie, was told that Julie had changed her surname to Smith. I went into congratulatory mode and wished Julie all the best for a successful future. When I had finished, what I thought was a highly polished, off the cuff, speech, I was met with a pregnant pause. “I’ve actually got divorced. However, since I ‘m so glad to be out of that relationship, maybe I should be celebrating.” Thankfully, no long term damage.

Mistake One

I went to have a face to face meeting with a client, that I had met four or five times, so had built some good rapport with this accountant. The accountant was your stereotypical accountant; 5 feet five, small, skinny build and balding, despite the fact that he was in his early forties. As I walked into his office, I noticed a picture of a beautiful, blonde, blushing bride on his desk. “You never told me that your daughter was getting married” I started. “That’s my new wife” he stammered back to me. I decided to plough on and ignore the fact that the conversation had ever happened. Luckily for me, he did not extend my misery.

So we all make mistakes, in a career of 25 years, it would be implausible to say that I haven’t made any. Fortunately for me, in a career of over 25 years of business development, I have made far more good choices, than mistakes. However, it never does you any harm to reflect back at the mistakes you’ve made and bring yourself down to reality.


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