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13th Mar 2014
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There are a thousand “experts” out there, who tell you how to have an ideal prospect profile and show value when you are looking to win new clients.

Whilst I will not disagree with those statements, it always helps if you go a little deeper and actually demonstrate that you know what you talking about and show what those two topics are.

I’d like to focus on Value today. Of course value is different to everyone you conduct business with:

Value – could be automating a manual process

Value – could be a small business owner getting their Sunday afternoon’s back, by streamlining process

Value – can be offering more for less, but still ensuring that your company wins long term.

So should you talk about value – Absolutely yes

How can I demonstrate value – by storytelling

People are not interested in the fact that you are the biggest, widest or fastest, but they are interested to know why Company X bought your product / service, they are intrigued to know what savings Company Y achieved and they would be sitting on the edge of their seats if you could tell them what outcomes were delivered at Company Z.

If you are not telling stories, you are not standing out, and you will not be winning as much business as you should. Get telling stories – it’s the easiest way to demonstrate value to your clients.

If you can’t work out, how to tell stories, then let’s have a FREE 15 minute phone call.

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