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Exams, Voluntary work and New Job

26th Sep 2010
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I sat my latest exams for AAT in June and found them to be pretty horrible with the exception of business tax which was probably one of the most enoyable exams I have ever sat. Fearing the worst for the other 2 exams I have been extremely worried considering AAT are changing the qualification, where would I re-sit? or where could I have tution? Having to wait til August for results I put that to the back of my mind and concentrated on completing my project and starting my new voluntary position.

I started working in practice unpaid 2 days a week in July and have loved every minute of it. So that I could do this I used all my holiday entitlement and worked Saturdays in my normal job to make the money up. Talking about doing this is very different from actually doing it I didn't realise how tiring it would be, how stressful it would be and I have been really worried about how I would cope for the next term of college and exams especially if I failed.

A good practice then emailed me about a position and arranged for interview, I attended interview and did the best I could, I sat their reasoning tests and then after leaving me hanging on for 3 weeks I didn't get the job. My first thought "will I ever get any luck in accountancy?". On a brighter note I passed all 3 exams woohoo and I found out that once your qualified you can complete the final year of a specific degree distance learning. Things are looking up if I get a degree I have more of chance at getting a chartered training contract, well at least my cv would get past the first post which is a start.

Then when I think my path is taking me one was it changes, the firm that didn't offer me the job contacted me offereing me another job. Finally a job in practic. I start in October and im really nervouse as I don't want to make a fool of myself I want to be able show them I can do this, but I have never done this job before so I just want to pick it up quickly and apply what I have learnt. Maybe if I get past probation I will have a chance at a chartered training contract.


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By Gina Dyer
27th Sep 2010 15:45

Good luck Laura

Thanks for keeping us updated of your progress and I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing you the best of luck in your new role!

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