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HMRC goes fishing

19th Nov 2018
VAT Consultant
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This is a brief blog that highlights another aspect of HMRC’s more aggressive attitude towards taxpayers.

They sought to trawl client data held by a firm of solicitors (in fact they targeted ten) to obtain names and addresses held under Money Laundering regulations. Since the taxpayer held this personal data as required by the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, HMRC argued that it was a ‘relevant data holder’ under FA 2011, Sch 23, therefore it should make such data available to HMRC.

The Tribunal was very restrained in finding against HMRC. But I feel sure they will try again! 

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By Alf
27th Nov 2018 09:32

It would be helpful if your articles gave more detail - I tend to find that I am no wiser at the end of article, as it is too high level/vague, and am just left with a link to a long case that I have no time to read.

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Replying to Alf:
By Les Howard
28th Nov 2018 15:28

Fair comment, Alf.
I did make a deliberate decision some years ago not to try to provide comprehensive guidance in my blog, but to raise issues for practitioners to pursue themselves.
Where Accountants have specific issues with individual clients, they are always welcome to contact me for further advice; and some do so.

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