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13: Unlucky or lucky?

19th Jun 2019
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On Thursday 13th June, I was told that the contract to my current job was finishing at the end of this month. Maybe, the whole thing was a bit too good to be true. You don’t generally find that many jobs, doing something you like, in hours that fit around the school run but the work was amazing while it lasted.

After getting over the effect of the initial rejection, I can see so many upsides, not least that the job finishes just in time for the school summer holidays. I’ve decided that I will take a full two-month break before I even start looking for more work…. Well, that’s not entirely true as I’ve already started looking, but I don’t plan to apply for anything until the end of August. By which time, I might have had enough of seeing the girls constantly!

Hopefully, this break will give me some time to decide and find what I want to do. At the moment, I’m swinging between maybe getting a good part-time job to fit around the school run, while I do writing on the side in my free-ish time. Or holding out for another writing job, fitting in, for most of the time, between the school runs. Although the more I think about it, the more options I keep coming up with! Either way, I can also use this ‘break’ to finish the courses I’ve started - the writing courses and the accounting CPD courses.

Another upside, for me at least is that I've learnt so much about writing. No matter how many courses I take or how many books I read, nothing quite beats actually doing it and getting feedback on it. I think finally, I was starting to understand the different products and styles of writing and things were starting to click into place. However, I probably took too long getting there.

I also feel very lucky to have had this unexpected opportunity to work in an office, writing about accounts and tax in the first place. Maybe I didn't make the most of this opportunity as I should have. In hindsight, I think I could have done a lot of things differently if I had fully appreciated what I had. Anyway, I think this is what is called experience and will hopefully not make the same mistakes again. I’m truly glad to have had this experience and feel like that I have gone from a complete novice writer to a slightly more confident and better writer - although not quite perfect just yet.

Finally, even though I’ve had a lot of summer holidays together with the girls, I do spend a lot of time almost ignoring them while I try and work. I then rush around going to places, meeting friends and doing things to entertain them. I probably will still do the last bit but I’m hoping that instead of ignoring them for the rest of the time, I can spend a little more time being with them.

If it does get too much though, I’ll bury my head in books and courses and quickly find a job!

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By FirstTab
20th Jun 2019 10:18

Great post.

Sift PLEASE sort out the blogs section. Someway to know instantly who has posted the blog. Also subscribing to a blogger of choice. This way email is sent when a blogger posts a blog.

What is the concern about showing click rates on blogs?

Editorial decisions, as opposed to readers choice, is so much heavier now with the now so not new site. Real shame.

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