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A Mum and an Accountant: Another eventful month

4th Nov 2016
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Just when you're looking forward to some sort of routine and a little bit of peace, something else comes along to shake it all up again.

With it being Diwali month, it was never going to be peaceful anyway but we managed to squeeze in a week's holiday during the girls half term holiday without missing anything much. Or, so we thought.

We came back from holiday to find that we had been burgled. The strangest thing was they had just come into our bedroom, ransacked the room, took some jewelry and money and left without setting off the alarm. I'm almost in awe. How skilled and lucky must they be? And how foolish were we about it all?

We've upped our security since then and put more alarm sensors around the house. Not sure how helpful that will be but it's definitely a peace of mind. Now we're just going through the long process of getting the insurance claim through for the damages and the loss. Ever since we've moved into our new house, it just seems to be one cost after another for this house. 

I still feel nervous about any little sound I hear. especially at night. I wonder what would have happened if we had been in the house. Would they have still attempted to come in? I'm sure it's because we were not in but I can't help wonder and recreate nightmare scenarios if things were different. Compared to my overactive imagination, I think we got away quite lightly. 

I also think I need to be more secure with work information and client files I keep at home. I do have a metal filing cabinet where I keep everything, but I've become a bit slack about locking it. I think I need to be more careful with things and maybe also keep my laptop secure when I'm not in the house too. 

I'm sure it will be fine and the neighbours are really nice and friendly. They were shocked to hear about the burglary and had no idea anything had happened. One neighbour came over last night with a flower plant pot, to wish us a belated happy Diwali and also as something to cheer us up after the burglary. I was overwhelmed. It gives you faith in mankind, especially when the stories you read in the news are all of the bad things happening around the world. 

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By tom123
05th Nov 2016 09:06

That's awful, Lilac, - are the police hopeful of being able to do anything?

We had things taken from our shed, and a car stolen - and that felt violation enough. Can only imagine how much worse it is to have it in the house.

My parents were burgled, and my grandmother lost irreplaceable necklaces.

Chin up - you can always come on here for a rant!

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By FirstTab
07th Nov 2016 22:08

Belated Happy Diwali!

Someone going through family's personal stuff is terrible.

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By cbbcbb
08th Nov 2016 16:48

I add my condolences to the others.
Hard working people do not deserve the additional complications of needing to think security at every turn but unfortunately it is just another cost of everyday living.

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By asillahi
14th Nov 2016 12:23

An inside job?

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By Paul Deakins
14th Nov 2016 21:23

Asillahi. What an idiotic thing to say.

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By A mum and an accountant
15th Nov 2016 10:33

A lot of people have suggested that it might have been done by someone we know or has been to our house but the police reassured us that this type of burglary is quite common. Thieves seem to know that there aren't that many sensors upstairs in the master bedrooms and target just that room. Also, we have a small roof on the extension just below our window so it was easy for them to get to it. Plus with it being Diwali, there were a few other families targeted nearby for their indian gold.

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