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Another tax return season done

1st Feb 2017
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It’s always great when 31st January arrives and all the tax returns are completed and up to date.  For one day, I spend the whole time gloating, celebrating and just relaxing with a big grin on my face. Then I start my to-do list and it’s all back to normal but without the pressure of tax returns hanging over me.

After reading the MTD update on this website on Tuesday, it doesn’t look like I can avoid the MTD anymore. I was hoping if I concentrate on microbusinesses I might be able to avoid it or at least delay it for a long while, but I think I will need to get up to speed on how this will affect the clients I already have and any new clients I get. 

Up until now, I have been happily avoiding it as I’m not really looking forward to doing quarterly bookkeeping and accounts. But with changes in the flat rate scheme for VAT, I think I will need to be up to date on a quarterly basis for a lot more clients.

In January, the peak of tax return season, I usually start looking through job searches, wondering if it’s too late to change careers to something that I don’t have to stress about or get angry about -  especially with MTD and HMRC. With January being the start of the New Year and a start of new things it makes me want to do some changes. But by February, once the tax returns are over, I’m feeling fine again. 

The most stressful week of this month was the week my youngest was off nursery as she was ill and now she doesn’t want to go back to nursery as she had too much fun(?) being at home.  Her ‘fun’ mostly involved playing by herself, colouring, eating on demand and then finally getting to watch Peppa Pig on TV.  Ok, I can see why she would want to stay at home. I’m not normally this slack and do try to do things and go places with my girls rather than stay vegged in front of the TV but I blame tax return and the weather.

Trying to get her to go back to nursery though is like when she first started all over again. There are tears at the door and a bit of a struggle to get her into the nursery. There are only seven months before she starts school.  I’ve already started dreading school. Although at school she will have her older sister there. 


As long as everything goes well with the school application form this time round. April 17th – Easter Monday is the D-Day – is the day when I found out which school my youngest daughter gets into.  After all the hassle with my oldest daughter, I’m praying hard and not putting anything down as a guarantee. Everyone says that because her older sister goes there, she won’t have a problem.  I hope so. 

Plus, the head teacher in this school has been very helpful with my older daughter getting in so I’m hoping there will be no problems.

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By FirstTab
03rd Feb 2017 13:22

Thanks. Thumbs up blog.

I do not think you will be able to get in an employee mode again? Once you have control of your destiny, you would not want to report to some prat of a manager/owner.

If you are an employee a manager/owner is not better than you. That makes it hell. It was my experience.

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