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Being an employee

4th Nov 2018
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It’s been over nine years since I was an official employee and things have changed quite a bit or maybe it's just the company I work for. As long as all the work gets done, things seem to be more relaxed regarding work/life balance. Last week with it being the budget on Monday, everyone who could were asked to help out. As sad as I am, I was quite happy to help out even though the budget speech started right in the middle of the school run. Once the school run was arranged with the girl’s grandparents, all I had to do was just turn up and help out where I could.

I didn’t feel like I had done that much to help out but then the next morning when I got into work, I received a bottle of sparkling rose and a card to say thank you. It was a little bit shocked but it does feel quite nice to receive it. Obviously, this makes me go all sentimental and want to look back at my career to date.

I started off doing work experience at a local accountancy firm during my almost 3 months of University summer holidays. I was doing a degree in Chemistry and Maths and decided I wanted to do something with Maths. Accountancy seemed like the obvious choice to me. For over 10 years after University, I worked in various accountancy firms across the UK, firstly wanting to get experience in auditing but then deciding I wanted to specialise in tax.

I became pregnant, went on maternity leave, had my first daughter and then decided to go back to work for three months. Until I went onto maternity leave, I don’t think I really thought I would not go back to work. But those three months were the hardest and most tiring and after many nights of worrying and talking with my husband, I gave it up. I had thought about starting my own practice so I thought I would give that a go. This is definitely the hardest thing to do and in hindsight, I would do it a lot differently. For the next 7 years, I tried out various subcontracts that I could do working from home and picked up a few personal tax clients. In between, I had another daughter and working from home with the girls at a nursery on a part-time basis worked out well.

During maternity leave, I also started blogging. Firstly, on Accountingweb and then on my own blog. It was through my blogs that I found three of the four subcontracts. Now after nine years of blogging and writing, because I like it, I finally get paid to write in an accounting and tax environment and one that works around the school run. Sometimes, I still feel like I’m in a dream and I will wake up soon. It’s also strange how I went from enjoying Maths to working in accounts and tax, to writing. However, while (most) things are good, I’m going to enjoy it and not worry about anything else.

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By FirstTab
09th Nov 2018 11:02

Thumbs up post.

So much easier if they were a thumbs up button. I hear Sift is a listening organisation.

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By Hugh Scantlebury
09th Nov 2018 12:00

Ditto on the thumbs up comment...even LinkedIn does it now!

Was a real pleasure having you work for us at Aqilla over a number of years and as you say cool that we found you via your blog! Best wishes going forward.

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Replying to Hugh Scantlebury:
By A mum and an accountant
13th Nov 2018 23:07

Thank you Hugh! I've really enjoyed working at Aqilla too.

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