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Birthday party season starts

19th Sep 2018
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I keep thinking that I'm going to wait to write a post on here until I have something useful and accountancy related to say. But I love my writing job and I don't really know what else to say about it. We're moving to new offices soon and it's amazing how much they look after their employees to help them get used to the big change. The few tax returns that I do as a sole practioner are fine too. There are a few that give me a headache but I know what to expect and so I just carry on as best as I can. So that's the update on work related matters. 

In other news, it is my daughters birthday and party weekend. Every year, after my daughter’s birthday I think this will be the last birthday party I will do and that next year, we will just do a small family thing. So far, every year, I end up succumbing to yet another birthday party. And then if I have a party for one daughter I have to do a party for the other daughter.

Ignoring the costs (I take a 'head in the sand' outlook until the party's over), the problem with birthday parties is the number of people you can invite.  Most kids party places have a limit on how many children you can have and then there are the no shows and no replies, there are others that give a half reply which you have to understand because of their unique, individual situation and then finally it’s the combining of family and friends.

The no shows are costly and frustrating but usually not a lot you can do about it - unless you start invoicing them which was apparently doing the rounds on facebook at one time. Some party places will allow some flexibility for that, others ask for a flat fee and no returns.

No replies mean, in my mind that they are not coming and so far, that has been the case. Before that, though there is the long wait to see if they will reply and if you forget to put a RSVP date and you don’t see them on the school run, you really are stuck. A half reply is another one that keeps you on your toes. They might come depending on certain things and how they feel on the day. Whatever!

The combining of the family and friends is not usually too bad. In most cases. Unless there are outspoken kids around who just say what they are thinking and can possibly end up offending people, especially those without kids or have not had kids in a long time or if their kids are angels. For the rest of us adults, it is just another excuse for us to get together and attempt to catch up. I say attempt because with kids around, talking without getting interrupted is usually impossible.

For me, filling the party bags and decorating the house is one of the most exciting things about birthdays and parties. I could do that all day long I think - now that I’ve had about 8 years’ experience! Although if we have a party that is somewhere else, we might not always get to decorate the place.

Well that's my whining and stressing for this month. After that I have a month off before it all starts again for the younger daughter. Next year though, definitely a small family thing and no party! 

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By adamdaniels
19th Sep 2018 23:31

I feel you mum. As a remote worker myself and having a family, its not easy. Its nice that you get to use this content as a way to vent and be heard. I am sure it provides some form of therapeutic use for you. Wishing you and your daughter all the best!

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
21st Sep 2018 11:31

We just used to book upstairs at Macdonalds. Much easier and probably cheaper.

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