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Change in blog name

18th Nov 2012
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So I've been a Novice blogger for a while but as I'm getting the hang of it and not such a novice I thought it was time to start thinking of other names.

So where to start?

On my twitter profile, in the description about myself, I've written, " Mum, Accountant, Wife, Tutor" possibly to reflect the importance to me of each of my roles, although I feel a bit guilty that wife has been relegated to number 3! There was a time when wife was number 1, almost ten years ago...

Looking at other blog names, they are quite short, to the point and precise. So something like, Mum trying to be an accountant, or Juggling accountancy with motherhood seem a bit long and not quite what I want to say. I can maybe use it as part of my bio. However, the mum and accountancy part is what I want to reflect in the name.

After much thought, I short listed it to the following:
Mummy Accountant
Accountancy mum
(They both sound a little wrong)
A mum and an accountant ( doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "An officer and a Gentleman"!! But thinking of Richard Gere in that film has cheered me up a bit, so maybe...)
Mummy blog (but I don't want people to think I'm just blogging about being a mum on an accountancy website!)
A mum's career

Unfortunately, I am quite sad and as you can see, I went for the Richard Gere reminder although I'm not quite as glamorous as Richard Gere was in the film.


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