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Change in priorities

3rd Oct 2013
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I’m not sure if I’ve become lazy or maybe my priorities have changed.  After my first burst of getting my website set up, I’ve just let everything slide again.  I know after my first daughter, I enjoyed having a year off but I was ready to go back to work but on a part time basis and my career was still important to me. After my second daughter, the thought of going back to work just fills me with dread.  When will I have the time to do everything?

I’ve spent 10 years being an accountant and I don’t want to throw all that hard work away, but I’m just not in a rush to go back to work and my career just doesn’t seem that important anymore.  My second daughter was a lot more hard work than my first was as a baby, I don’t know if that’s why my priorities have changed or whether it’s just because I have two daughters and it is so much more hard work.  Part of me wants me to accept that I won’t work properly for at least another year, so I can stop worrying about it and enjoy being a full time mum. But then there’s a part of me that feels guilty spending money because I’ve not earned it.  My husband has absolutely no issues about this.

The other thing is that so much has changed since I last worked full time.  Everything has gone cloud computing, there’s the new FRS 101 and 102 that I need to at least read up on, and just remembering and getting up to speed on how to do accounts and tax return.  I know I haven’t forgotten everything but there are some things that you only really know if you do it in practice every day, especially on the advisory side of things. On a positive note, I’ve started doing exercise again and that is helping me feel better but then I feel like I have even less time!  But while I’ve got a month trial pass, I’m going to make the most of it.


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By Rachael White
03rd Oct 2013 10:07

Great to see you back blogging, Lilac1! I had missed your updates.

There's nothing wrong with letting things slide and taking a break once again - and of course you can get back up to speed with things, just take it one day at a time.

Looking forward to reading future posts. :)


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03rd Oct 2013 11:12

...change of perspective?

When you look to the future, where do you see yourself?

When your daughters are both in school, your time commitments won't be under quite as much strain and you'll be able to consider how you want to shape your life.

Things may seem a little slow paced now, particularly when the kids are young and demanding, but perhaps there will come a time when you feel ready and willing to take up the reins again :)

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By Wiganer Elaine
03rd Oct 2013 11:38


This may not be considered politically correct, but once you and your husband decided to have children, the dynamics or your relationship irretrievably changed.

If money is not an issue because of your husband's occupation then you both have a chance to determine, as a family unit, how you want things to work out. You never know if you sit and talk it through properly you might decide what you both actually want is for you to be a full-time mum, at least for the next few years?

Just because you've done this job for the last 10 years does not mean that you have to carry on doing it!

If you as a couple do not have any monetary concerns, then you are in a fortunate position to be able to take stock of your life, future hopes and expectations.

Make the most of this opportunity - not everyone has that sort of chance. This may be a particular moment in time when you can take a complete change of direction.

Good luck!

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By Flash Gordon
03rd Oct 2013 17:16

Life is for enjoying

You have two kids who are young enough to need and want your attention. You don't have to slog your guts out to afford to live. You have a husband who's fine with you not juggling two roles. Enjoy it!!!!!!!!

We weren't put on this earth to work ourselves into the ground. Life is supposed to be enjoyed, otherwise what's the point in being alive? Make the most of the chance you've got. Work will still be there when your little ones are off at school all day long. And you'll catch up quick enough. (Though if you could blog about what those FRSs are I'd appreciate it as they passed me by!)

And as I've persuaded myself that work can wait I think I might give up pretending to contemplate work and take the dog out for a wander again. I'll be uber-popular and might burn off a couple of calories from the batch of cookies I made earlier! (Life in Flashville hasn't been productive work-wise today as you might gather)

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David Winch
By David Winch
03rd Oct 2013 21:34

You're only young once . . .

 . . . but much more importantly they're only young once!

Which is more important in life - spending time with your daughters in these crucial years of their life or getting on top of the FRSs.


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By MissAccounting
04th Oct 2013 10:19

I may get frowned upon for this but do you really need to study FRS in great detail for the companies you deal with?  I imagine most are pretty small (as are mine with the odd exception) and most of the time the software usually takes care of most of the disclosure side of things.

I wouldnt get too down about it and would just continue to work with the clients you enjoy.

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By Old Greying Accountant
04th Oct 2013 19:00

Whether or not ...

... you believe in God's creation or think life just a twist of fate - the point of being alive is to procreate the species.

You've done parts one and two, next is the nuturing stage until they are able to be independant and carry on the species themselves - then you are redundant!

I'll leave you with this thought for the weekend

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By Sarah Offord
07th Oct 2013 09:34

I wish I had your problems!

I think I took 2 weeks off from my practice when daughter no 2 was born and I haven't stopped since. But our financial position has always been rather more desperate so I had no choice.

Believe me when I say, they grow up far too fast! The period when they are completely dependent and devoted to Mummy is actually quite short in hindsight and as soon as they start school you feel rather redundant (or in my case relieved).

It sounds to me like you don't want to loose your career and be "just" a full-time mum. I would set yourself a target for how many hours you would like to work a week, and aim to fill your time to this and no more with quality clients. It will give you the time to just be you again and keep your brain active, without putting too much pressure on your time with your little ones. It will form a decent foundation for when they start going to preschool and school at which point you can decide if you want to push forward and grow the business or carry on as you are.

Best of luck!

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