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There's always so much doom and gloom on the news and its not just that but it seems to me that there is always a story on the news about children. A child's been killed, raped abducted, suffers some disease and died etc. and then the fall out from the news is that there are lots of discussion on social networking sites about this so even if you listen to the news and then try to forget about it, there's a petition about it or something else to make you aware of it. Sometimes it is a good thing if it brings about a change for the better but other times it just make you feel guilty for not liking or reposting a cause.

I think that's part of the reason why I prefer to go on accounting website and to worry about whether Starbucks has paid enough corporation tax or not, rather than deal with things that could affect my children in the future. It's a very selfish way at looking at the news, and I'd probably be the first to champion a cause if anything happened to my daughters but there you go. This is the way I look at the world at the moment and with it being the last day of the year, I thought I'd get my last frustration out so I can potentially start the new year on a positive note.


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By Flash Gordon
31st Dec 2012 13:12

Giving up the Daily Wail

I'm considering giving up the Daily Wail website for 2013 - it's so poorly written, usually lacking in factual content and 9 times out of 10 makes me rant or make bitchy comments. I justify it to myself that I like to keep up with the less serious news but to be honest if it doesn't appear on the BBC website is it really going to change my life? I admit that if it wasn't for the Mail I wouldn't know what TOWIE stands for or have heard of the Kardashians but then I can't say that my life is enriched by having that knowledge. And as I don't plan on suing anyone I'll not need to look at the photos of sad individuals doing their very best 'I've been so traumatised by finding a dead insect in my bag of salad that I require millions in compensation' pose. (You see, it's made me even more cynical!)

So give up on the news and better still give up on social networking sites (except AWeb) - don't even get me started on why anyone would need to tweet every little thing they do, complete with the inevitable 'LOL' (which makes me want to throw things).

Note to self - learn to breathe, practice calm and happy thoughts, work on tolerance... :) 

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