Incentives for working mums

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Another rant about being a working mum in general!

What's the incentive for single mum's to go back to work? I was speaking to one mum who is single, has two kids in nursery and is working but if she sat at home on the dole, she would be a lot better off than she is now because her rent and council tax would be paid and she would get benefits. The thing is, she's not the first mum I know who is in this position and to be honest, I know of one mum who gave up work because it was not worth it. I admire this working mum because she wants to be a good role model for her kids and not be one of the statistics. However, shouldn't the government be encouraging mums to go back to work? What is the government doing for working mums?

On top of that, they come up with a convoluted scheme to reduce childcare costs by reducing the number of teachers. This wouldn't work for a number of reasons. For a start, most nursery teachers don't have degrees. They have relevant qualifications - NVQs etc. but the govt plan to replace these teachers with teachers with a degree. This brings up the question of who would pay for the degree especially as university costs are going up and then teachers with a degree would most likely be expected to get a higher wage. So even if there are less teachers, where would the savings be? Also I would want by children to have as much care as possible. Finally, surely making more redundancies is not the way forward.

About A mum and an accountant

Attempting to be an amazing accountant and an amazing mum, somehow combine the two and meet somewhere in the middle but currently failing at both.  Hoping that in a few years I will have found something I enjoy doing or found some sort of work life balance and will be in a less stressed out place but until then, or as I get there, I think I will vent all my frustrations out on these blogs! And the responses I've had to the blogs have been quite nice which spurs me on to keep going.


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01st Feb 2013 10:57

Hot issue
This is one of the hot issues for me. In the sense that whatever the State policy there has to be self respect not to rely on the State because a person would be better off. If they do, there would be raising a generation of children who will expect something for nothing.

More importantly to do this day I fail to understand why people have children (not you) and expect the State to support them.

Not only this look at local authority housing waiting list, the number of single mothers on the waiting list is on an increasing trend. Here there is no option but for the State to support them for the sake of the children. At the same time the system is being abused whereby mothers tell the council their partner have left them, when this is not the case, so they can get up the waiting list.

I cannot see things changing. In fact it will get worse. The State will dole out even more money, understandably for the sake of children.

In my world people would did need to go through screening process to be assessed whether they are fit to have children.

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to memyself-eye
01st Feb 2013 12:50

@ First Tab

[ I In my world people would did need to go through screening process to be assessed whether they are fit to have children.]

I agree!

Maybe we should start to have to actually think about what "having children" actually means!

If both parents had to sign a legally abiding agreement that they were both committed and prepared to be responsible for the child until they reached adulthood before they actually had a child, there would be fewer problems in the event of the couple splitting up - no lack of maintenance, no fighting in the courts for access visits, no unwanted children, far fewer "accidents" etc.

If anything unforeseen happened to the couple, eg, losing their job, death of a parent, divorce etc, then state assistance would depend on the existence of such a contract!

If someone chooses to have a child, it should be their responsibility to look after that child, not the state's!

There are way too many feckless fathers and irresponsible mothers in this country who view children as a "meal-ticket" from the state!

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By Old Greying Accountant
01st Feb 2013 13:18

At the risk of getting lynched ...

... and call me old fashioned, but the key here is the word "mum".

To me that means a mum has a job, nuturing and developing their child!

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01st Feb 2013 14:09


I've got a big tree ... anyone got a noose to spare?

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By Old Greying Accountant
01st Feb 2013 14:18

May be ...

... may be not!

I just think in the UK, exceptions have become rules!

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02nd Feb 2013 07:36

In two minds...
I agree for some mums who want to and can afford to be full time mums, that's great. But not all mums can afford to or want to and even mums need a break which going to work can sometimes give aswell as money.

I also agree that it's the parents responsibility to look after the child not the states but the way this country is run, at least for single mums its easier to live on benefits which most mums I've met don't actually want to do.

I just think that if governments are going to give out money for having children, the ones who are making an effort to go back to work should get more in terms of childcare costs and be better off than the ones who stay at home.

It is hard work trying to be a good mum and everyone's circumstances are different so I don't want to say there are mums sitting at home doing nothing but something needs to change to benefit the ones who make an effort.

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10th Feb 2013 20:09

It's tough being a single Mum and I wouldn't swap

I am not a single Mum but I had some insight when my husband went on secondment to South Africa for three months.

When I supervised homework there was no one else filling the dishwasher and making up tomorrow's lunch boxes. When I did the ironing on a Sunday morning there was no one else mowing the lawn. When I went to make tomorrow's sandwiches and realised I'd forgotten to buy bread I couldn't nip out to Tesco Express as children already half asleep in bed couldn't be left home alone.

Everyone of us has problems that no one else can understand until we get there.



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By sue999
01st Mar 2013 18:02

What's the incentive for single mum's to go back to work?

In my case the incentive was to have a career in Accountancy which I enjoy.  I loved being a mum too, even if I was a single mum. We had no holidays or fancy purchases in my child's early years, we made the most of our time together doing things which cost nothing, apart from the mortgage we had no debts.  As my mother use to say - if you cannot afford to save for something, you cannot afford to put it on credit.  I made my choice and could not afford another child and so I did not have any more children.  Now my son has left home I have choices on what to do with the rest of my life, I'd hate to think where I would be if I'd relied on the state in those early years!  This was in the mid to late 80's.

When I look back we had some mothers who violated the system then and lived on state income.  The only difference I can see - This current generation want it all and Uni if that's your chosen route is expensive. 





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