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From A to B
From A to B

Mum and an Accountant: Confusion and plans

4th Apr 2017
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I’m always wondering if I am doing the right thing in terms of work or spending more time with the girls. 

I generally want to do everything and yet again I’m in a dilemma as to what to do with my life. My husband has changed jobs and the job he now has is more stable and offers a bit of routine and eventually a bit of flexibility. He would, therefore, be able to help out with the kids and at home more. This gives me the opportunity of doing more work too.

If I don’t take this opportunity and make the most of it, I feel that I am being lazy and will waste my life and skills.  Also, if I work more and earn more, then we can maintain our lifestyle and possibly even have more luxuries, which is also a good thing. Up until now, I’ve almost had a good reason for not working more. 

If anything happens to the kids, I am the main carer and the one who would drop everything to pick them up from school. Ideally, I would still like to be that but if for some reason I couldn’t, my husband could step in more easily.

So, what should I do with the more time I will have? I have come up with a few different plans:

  • Plan A – Carry on working with the sub contract I have and maybe get some more work from them, possibly do more writing work and keep doing the few tax returns on the side but generally carry on as I am.
  • Plan B – Carry on with the sub contract and writing and try and develop my own practice a bit more or even see if I can develop my blog to earn money.
  • Plan C – Carry on with the sub contract and writing and see if I can get another part time job that will fit in with this.
  • Plan D – Find a new part time or full time job.

I think at the moment I’m between plan B and C but I also want to fit in being a good mum and being there for the girls as much as possible. I have so many great ideas on how to develop my practice or how I might be able to earn some money on the side but I’m not sure my heart is in having my own practice. Some of the things that put me off from having my practice include:

  1. All the paperwork involved in signing a new client. Ensuring the agreement is up to date and making sure I do the AML checks correctly.
  2. Sometimes bookkeeping really annoys me and keeping track of getting information in from the clients 
  3. Annoying, time consuming clients
  4. The sales and marketing and trying to get more clients especially as there’s already so many accountants out there
  5. Making sure I know everything and I am up to date with all the changes – to be honest, this is the interesting part (even though I like to moan about MTD). But when working for myself, I’m never sure if what I am doing is completely right.
  6. Keeping focused on my work

I personally don’t think I’m really cut out to work for myself but I don’t know if I can work for anyone else under schedule either.  I just really want the flexibility to work whenever I want but without comprising on my sleep or spending time with the kids. I wonder if I will ever be in a position when I am happy with everything in my life. 

It’s been almost seven years since I went on maternity leave and first thought of having my own practice and working for myself. Sometimes, I feel like nothing’s changed and I keep writing about the same thing. After all the self-help books I’ve read, I know it’s up to me to change but I also know I need to decide on what to do.

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By FirstTab
05th Apr 2017 20:37

Hello Lilac1, a great and an honest blog. Thank you. I am a fan of your blogs!

I will never fully understand how busy mothers are when children are young but reading your blogs here and your WordPress blogs, I appreciate your stance.

Clearly, you are a deep thinker. I think this is one of those times you need to just listen to your gut and follow it. Rather think too much.

As you know, any choice you make has downsides and opportunity costs. I would make a decision based on my gut and then rule out any other choice. Work very hard to make you choice work.

Also, as I have said before, do not be too hard on yourself they are so many others who are doing it for you. Please do not add your name to this.

We work together on some areas, understandably, your confidence does not match your good skills. I have no doubt this will grow as you have more time to yourself.

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Replying to FirstTab:
By A mum and an accountant
08th Apr 2017 14:36

Thanks for your support and always!

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By ClaireShort
07th Apr 2017 20:48

I'm currently trying to do the same thing, some days are really good but other days are damn hard!!

I'm spending precious time with my boys though and I know I'll never get that time back.

Keep going.

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Replying to ClaireShort:
By A mum and an accountant
08th Apr 2017 14:36

It's always good to know I'm not the only one in this position. I agree some days are good but it always seems easier to whinge about the hard days.

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