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No more teeth!

29th Jul 2014
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I spent Friday night in A&E with my younger daughter, taking back all the bad things that I have ever said about her, even in jest. Mainly that she is too much hard work or that I had her too soon. I love her so much.

This weekend was meant to be a good weekend. It was my nephew’s birthday on Thursday and we went out to eat. Friday and Saturday we had tickets to the local music festival and had got upgraded to VIP. It was a family music festival. I wasn’t too sure what to expect so I thought I would take my girls along and see how they get on. Things were looking good. Then my youngest daughter had a bit of a temperature. She kept biting her hand so I put it down to teething. I took her to the festival for about half an hour but she wasn’t enjoying it so then I dropped her off at my mother in laws. I told her she was teething and left a bottle of Calpol with her.

I went back to the music festival where my older daughter was getting her face painted. She then spent the rest of the time there dancing and running around until she got tired and then about 9pm, we decided to go home. By then the battery on my phone had died and I had lost my spare battery (so much for smart phones). So, as soon as I got into the car I started charging it and started listening to the messages and then rushed straight to the hospital.

Apparently she had had a fit due to the heat. It was the first time she has had a fit. It only lasted a few seconds but that’s enough to scare anyone. I spent the rest of the weekend keeping her cool and checking her temperature. In hindsight, there are so many things I would have done differently. Like going to the music festival in the first place! But she’s ok now, touch wood and fingers crossed.

Last time she was teething, she had a nappy rash that spread all the way to her legs and arms and I had to go doctors to get some stronger cream to clear the spots. Obviously, she needs her teeth but I just need a break from them coming through!


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By Flash Gordon
29th Jul 2014 10:57


Sheesh, that must have been scary as hell, for all concerned - probably most for the adults in some ways as there's so little you can do and you feel helpless. I had no idea kids could have fits from the heat - glad she's alright, though I bet you're still strung tighter than a violin. 

Teething doesn't sound much fun either. Do they teethe more than once then? I always assumed it was a one time thing and just a bit (possibly quite a bit!) of grizzling, dribbling and generally being irritable.... I've learnt something new today. And I'm glad I don't have kids - my anxiety levels would be through the roof! Having a dog & cats is enough worry...

Fingers crossed it calms down for you soon, very soon!

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By Violet2005
29th Jul 2014 15:07

The joys of motherhood
I can imagine how scary that must have been. Apparently it is common but kids do outgrow it from age 5. My second one went through a phase and I had to learn to be proactive rather rather than reactive. Any sign of a slight temparature and the calpol is out. Good news is that it does come to an end at some point.

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By coolmanwithbeard
30th Jul 2014 06:36


Scary - but sounds like it was dealt with well by your mother in law and the hospital. Don't beat yourself up there was nothing more you could have done (except with the benefit of hindsight).

THings will be different now but don't wrap her in cotton wool just make sure anyone you leave her with is well briefed has calpol, a spoon and a way of taking her to the mearest hospital if required :)


Good luck!

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By A mum and an accountant
30th Jul 2014 16:24

Getting better

@Flash Gordon, My older daughter used to get a little ill when her teeth came through but I don't ever remember it being so bad. My younger daughter seems to be suffering a lot for her teeth.  I've been told that the teeth can come in fits and spurts until they are 3.

@Violet2005, The doctors said the same. Just because she had a seizure now, doesn't mean she will be epileptic and she will most likely grow out of it.

@coolmanwithbeard, My mother in law was amazing. She took her to the sink and splashed cold water on her to cool her down. I don't think I would have thought to do that.

My younger daughter seems back to her normal self now but I still want to keep giving her lots of hugs which I think is annoying her now :)

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By Jeffre
01st Aug 2014 12:56


As a father of four boys I can assure you that it was probably a convulsion due to body temperature not heat outside.

My eldest son had his one and only convulsion aged 9 Months due to throat infection sending his temperture up to 40+ degrees.

My next soon had many, one on holiday in Jersey when I had to jump in an outdoor swimming pool to bring his temerature down.

He was unusual in that he carried on having them until he was three.

The other two are twins and as we knew the signs they never convulsed but  came very close at times.

I believe convulsions are inherited as I had them as a child but my mother and father did not know why until my children had them.

Just keep calpol (the life saver medicine) with you at all times and remember that when she has a cold that wrapping her up warm only increases her temperature which could bring on another.


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By Kirkers
26th Aug 2014 12:19

My daughter is 3 in November and I remember having a hard time with her teething about a year ago.

Her temperature would rise to around 39 degrees, drop back down for an hour after calpol and slowly rise again. I took her to a walk in centre (like an out of hours doctor) and they basically said they can't do anything other than what we're already doing. Fluids, calpol every 4 hours and strip her down to her nappy so she doesn't over heat.

It was around 12 hours later and it still hadn't subsided so we took her to the hospital. While we were there her temperature reached 40.5 degrees (well passed the convulsion warning level). The doctors were fab, as was my mum. Me and my partner were a wreck thinking we'd done something wrong and the only person talking sense into us was my mum - don't underestimate them. They've done this all before!

She had a fit in hospital but the doctors controlled it and after another 8 hours or so they brought her temperature down. 

It really is a scary time, and teething can be a nightmare for both the child and the parents.

Worst of all my old employer wouldn't allow me the day off while my daughter was in hospital. I said I'd take it unpaid but they still said I'd need to be in the office. I now realise that not allowing me time off for dependants in an emergency is against the law but it didn't help matters at the time. I was so stressed with what had happened and then to be told I had to come to work and focus while my 2 year old was in hospital was the last straw. Luckily my partner was able to stay with her.

You did the right thing, unless you've got psychic powers there's no way you could have seen this happening. Sometimes kids get a temperature and its manageable, other times it isn't. Don't beat yourself up about it x

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