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Practising certificate on the way

8th Jan 2014
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A brilliant piece of news that I received on my birthday of all days, was that ACCA had approved my application and my practising certificate is on the way! I've only applied for a part time certificate as I thought I'd give myself time to see how it goes and it seems easy enough to transfer to a full certificate. Also, with my new job starting I need to factor in how I'm going to juggle both and whether I still want to do both. For now as my new job is only a few hours a month, it shouldn't be a problem so I'll just have to see how it goes. Plus this month I've got a couple of tax returns to finish, the usual suspects, my aunt and my cousin. I swear next time I'm going to get them all done by July. Or at least start hassling them from July!

So today I'm on my way to London for a training day although I think by the time I've posted this I will have finished so I might even be able to say how it went. I love being on the tube. It,s so fast and it brings back memories of living in London. I've made new years resolution as I always do and one of them for this year is to plan my year for tax and accounting deadlines, family weddings and other family commitments (including our holiday to Disney land in Florida!) and then try and plan my practice work around it so that I'm not always rushing around and panicking at the last minute. And I'm going to say no to more things if I haven't got time. A small car accident (scratch on the bodywork and a flat tyre) last year made me realise I need to slow down, even if I don't do anything else.

Btw, the training day went well. The staff seem really friendly and I am looking forward to starting work with some actual people! Even though I'm working from home, there are still ways I will be able to communicate with them, like through skype and emails which have already started.


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By girlofwight
08th Jan 2014 23:03

Congratulations on the PC, may it lead to good things!

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By SteveOH
09th Jan 2014 12:38

Well done

I say, Well done (sorry, got into my Fred Elliot speak there).

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By ShirleyM
09th Jan 2014 13:03

You've kept your options open

I hope you really enjoy your new job, and you have arranged things so you can run a part-time practice ... if you find that is what you want to do.

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By Flash Gordon
09th Jan 2014 14:09


That's good news. And a belated Happy Birthday too!

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By Glenn Martin
09th Jan 2014 16:43


A good start to your new year well done and I hope it works out for you.

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By The 5-50 Coach
10th Jan 2014 08:24

Great news, congratulations.

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By abelljms
10th Jan 2014 12:35

what kind?




"practicing certificate"


hopefully you are beyond practicing, and moving into practising



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By Glenn Martin
10th Jan 2014 16:19

Reminds me of a joke on "Porridge"

When Ronnie Barker refers to a practicing homosexual as one who hasn't quite got it right yet.

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By A mum and an accountant
12th Jan 2014 12:53

Went to edit the spelling mistake and don't know what I've done....

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