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RTI, Toilet training and weaning

7th May 2013
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Well what a month! 

I’ve finally started toilet training my older daughter and I actually think people lie when they say that they trained their kid in 2 days but it is getting better. I’ve started weaning my younger daughter so now lots of sterilising and special cooking and stuff. And I’ve also successfully filed my first RTI but considering I did it using computer software I guess it’s all fairly fine. I’ve not really got any clients as such yet, just family which I can do without a practicing certificate. 

I’ve still not sorted any sleeping pattern or routine etc. out with the girls so I’m still knackered all the time. But hey, those are my next things to do.  Sort out sleep routine, practising certificate and stop eating chocolate biscuits!


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By coolmanwithbeard
07th May 2013 23:41

potty training... that's when you really do need real time information!  Good luck with that Lilac :)

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By Flash Gordon
08th May 2013 08:26

House-training puppies

Not quite the same but I remember trying to house-train my puppy - getting up 4 times a night (that killed), carrying her downstairs so she wouldn't go on the carpet, having to put her down at the door to unlock it and boom, one puddle by the door. That was so frustrating. And I can see why sleep deprivation works as torture. Got there eventually though... Good luck with the human version!!

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By MarionMorrison
09th May 2013 16:23

Happy Memories

Brings it all back - well actually my abiding memory of running my micro-practice is of using a cordless phone (modern technology back then) hunched against my shoulder and talking to the Inland Revenue and changing nappies at the same time.  In order to ensure that nappy-changing went contentedly I have an inane cheese-eating grin on my face and I'm trying to put an 'interesting tone to my voice which probably meant the Revenue thought they were dealing with a dribbling lunatic.  

There's a great photo of my elder daughter sat in a car seat but on my desk, clutching and seemingly reading a Tax Return completion leaflet guide for 1986/87.  No wonder she grew up to become a translator.

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By deanthebookkeeper
10th May 2013 12:54

working from home

Makes me glad I waited till my two were both at school before I trained. now the only time I get pestered at my desk in the living rooom is when the cat jumps on the keyboard for a fuss

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Della Hudson FCA
By Della Hudson
10th May 2013 16:31

Good luck

Been there, done that and I'm sending you waves of sympathy. Usually I'm really pleased to have the flexibility to be there when my kids need me but, 5 years on (I was part of the Accountingweb Class of 2009) , there is still the odd day when I wonder. Feel free to contact me if you would like any juggling tips or just a sympathetic shoulder.

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By Ann Lovatt
11th May 2013 22:13

ah memories

I trained years earlier, but we had a retail business when I had our daughter so all I could manage was two weeks maternity leave, yes TWO WEEKS! The midwife was not impressed when she called in to find me doing our VAT return, with babe suckling with our arm. Although we did have some very short sales rep visits, when I was breast feeding lol. Toilet trainng, left untill she started play group at 2 & 1/2, she watched the *big* kids & decided she too wanted to be a big girl no nappy, trained in a week!!

I can fully empathise with you, now back to my home based practice it has been great, never missed a school play, concert or sports day. Just dreading being an empty nester next year when daughter will be off to University :-( Maybe nows the time to find some way of gaining work mates again??? 

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