Summer holidays - the best and worst of it

This is the first summer holidays since my eldest started school and they are both at home with me. The younger one is only off because she is changing nurseries so I thought it would be nice for them to both be off and at home together.  Not sure what I was thinking and I’m only half way through. Well the good points of being at home are:

  • I can have a lie in on more days.
  • I don’t have to keep rushing them to eat their breakfast faster and get ready quickly
  • I get more cuddles.
  • I get to go to different kids events and be a kid again.
  • I can buy the ‘Little Mix’ album and pretend it's for my older daughter

The bad point of them being at home are:

  • I now have to cook three times a day and feed them snacks in between. Considering I hate cooking this is definitely the worst part.
  • I have to entertain the girls for six whole weeks, roughly 42 days give or take a few sleepovers at the grandparents’ house.
  • I have to listen to their seemingly constant whinging and fighting.
  • I have to make sure they do some homework so they don’t forget everything they have learned so far.
  • I have to squeeze in work in the early morning or late at night and sometimes in between the constant feeding and questions.  Working in the day seems a luxury.
  • They watch too much TV
  • The younger one is not old enough to go to holiday clubs so there’s no point sending the older one either this year. At least they can sometimes entertain each other if they’re both at home.

The top three bad points seem to be the biggest grudge against school holidays.  I’ve just come back from my mum’s with my laptop so I do feel like I’ve not had it so bad but I still have another 3 weeks to go.  Next year, I'm definitely looking into holiday clubs.

About A mum and an accountant

Attempting to be an amazing accountant and an amazing mum, somehow combine the two and meet somewhere in the middle but currently failing at both.  Hoping that in a few years I will have found something I enjoy doing or found some sort of work life balance and will be in a less stressed out place but until then, or as I get there, I think I will vent all my frustrations out on these blogs! And the responses I've had to the blogs have been quite nice which spurs me on to keep going.


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