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Tax Return Season

12th Jan 2018
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In the midst of the tax return season, I decided to join a bloggers group on facebook. I guess I’ve been feeling disillusioned or maybe overwhelmed and out of my depths with accountancy for a while and wanted to do something different. I like writing and blogging was one way I could do this without worrying too much about how it sounds. Recently I’ve been thinking about what to do with my blog and how to justify the time I spend on it. This led me to joining the bloggers group hoping I would get some ideas on how to make my blog better.

However, as soon as they found out I was an accountant, I received a few tax return questions. Maybe because it is tax return season that I received a lot of questions and secretly I was so pleased. The questions were really simple questions that I could easily answer which made me feel really confident in my ability as an accountant also a renewed interest in accountancy.

It made me think about one of the reasons why I chose accountancy in the first place. I remember going to our careers library and thinking what can I do with a maths degree. There were lots of accountancy brochures so I started looking through those. Anyway, in the ACCA brochure, there was an accountant who worked for a football club. As I was still not sure (at 21) what I wanted to do I thought that this would be a good idea. Once I was fully qualified, I can then decide what I want to do then go and work for a company I have an interest in.

At the time, I wanted to be an accountant for a bookshop. Actually, I could still happily go and work at a bookshop. However, that never happened as I remained in practice for most of my working life. Now though, with this blogging group, I feel inspired to help them with their tax queries and even look into things and find out more if required.  It might only last the tax return season and I still have some tax returns to complete so I should probably focus on that first.

Coming back to reality, as I mentioned in previous blogs, the HMRC queries have still not cleared and its really hard to feel that I am getting anywhere with it. Most of the people I talk to at HMRC seem clueless or so stuck in what feels like scripted answers that I don’t seem to get anywhere.  Letters seem to take forever to get a reply but this seems to be the only way I can get a response that vaguely makes a bit of sense. Another thing that annoys me about HMRC is the inflexibility and lack of understanding they have for the general hard-working tax payers while multinational companies and wealthy celebrities can get away with paradise papers.

I’m discovering though, that there are lots of things about accountancy that I am still good at and I can still be of use to even a small community on facebook.

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By FirstTab
13th Jan 2018 20:20

Hello A mum and an accountant

Good to read your blog. Please be careful and do not give free advice. Years ago, I did on a forum. The queries will not stop until you mention fees.

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Replying to FirstTab:
By A mum and an accountant
15th Jan 2018 22:11

The queries have not been so bad and nearly all the information could easily be found on the internet anyway. There is so much information on the internet anyway that its quite hard to know where to draw the line.

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