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Tax returns, nit control, teething and my new job.

8th Feb 2014
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The usual suspects, my cousin and my aunt’s tax return were the last ones to be filed but considering my uncle has been ill, I couldn’t really harass them too much. As soon as it was filed and I was ready to relax, I get a letter from nursery saying that there were nits going round in my older daughter’s class and true to form, she had them.

Nit combs are useless. I’ve spent most evenings sitting there with my daughter, pulling out the nits from her hair with my nails and just when I think it’s cleared, I find more. At the same time my younger daughter gets a cough and cold, which could mean she is actually ill but now every time she gets a cough, cold or nappy rash, I blame it on teething. Although since I got ill too, maybe she was genuinely ill.

On top of all that, I’ve started my new job. I think I must be allergic to work! Every time, I start a new job, I seem to get ill! The job is good and I’m really enjoying working from home and especially with the Skype calls, texts and emails, I don’t feel like I’m out of the loop. However, I definitely think I need more time to do the work although, hopefully when I get used to it all and become familiar with all the customer names and codes etc. I will be faster at it.


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By coolmanwithbeard
08th Feb 2014 06:14

Usual suspects haha

I can relate to usual suspects I compared Jan 13 with Jan 14 in terms of client's billed and the list was almost identical - with the exception of one client that I lost.  I wasn't sorry to see it go in many ways but it was the only lost client to another firm for over 2 years and I don't like losing them that way. What was funny was that their letter arrived the same day I had sent her my "it's January get your finger out" email. What was bizarre was they sent the usual professional letter "if you know of any reason" etc but she'd already disappeared from my client list at HMRC so they'd written to HMRC over a week before they wrote to me. They'd already accepted the appointment so no need to make any reference to how difficult a client she was ...  Anyway I picked up a couple of new jobs so all's well - well it was until I got the information back from the previous accountant on one - which is a company. I emailed them to ask why they hadn't claimed Capital Allowances on the company car, They'd claimed AIA on it apparently... ho hum.


I think getting ill with a new job is usual - you are doing more and so tired and so susceptible to whatever you local nursery can throw at you give it a couple of weeks and you'll be flying through it.


As for the nits well just an occupational hazard of having a girl - have sent may a "happy" hour like nit nurse Nora the bug explorer - sadly it's not acceptable to shave their heads - ho hum. Take comfort that it's not a sign your a bad mother who sends he daughter out with dirty hair - it's more a sign that your daughter is happy and sociable and well adjusted with a close relationship with her peers and not sat in the corner by herself. Anyway kids love having pets.

Hmm sorry Lilac you seem to have extricated another ramble from me haha




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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
08th Feb 2014 21:13

Nit comb plus conditioner

Worked well (for my daughters) - recommended by Mums in the chemist.

I didn't have the problem - my hair is too short (no.2 at the time) to interest nits ;)

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21st Feb 2014 15:45

Remote work job.


 Hi Lilac, hope your's daughters health is improving.

By the way, how did you manage to get a home-working, part-time job in accounts ?

 I have been looking for years for something that flexible, are there any others going, can I have some contacts if poss.


 Thanks for now.




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