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Three funerals and a new job

28th Dec 2018
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It sounds like a bad movie title but it is actually one way to sum up my year, especially as we had the last funeral today. We’ve had a few family deaths this year which does take its toll regardless of how close you were or how ill they were. It was an aunt and an uncle on my husband’s side and my great aunt.

All of them shouldn’t really have been a surprise as they were ill. We were also really close to them at some point in our lives and it’s lovely being able to reminisce about those days. However, it is also bittersweet when you realise how your own family and routine and the busyness of life gets in the way of continuing to be close to them as we get older.

The new job, on the other hand, continues to be good. As well as loving what I do, I love the flexibility of this job and how much they care for their employees. Plus, I’ve learnt so much about writing since I started. Although I buy books on writing which are half-read and I’ve bought and started some online courses, nothing really beats actually doing it in practice. Also being involved in the budget this year was another highlight for me (as sad as it sounds)!

Anyway, apart from that, moving into a new decade at the beginning of the year was eventful due to a surprise party organised by my husband. The surprise element did make me wonder if I’d ever trust my husband again while at the same time wondering how gullible I was! But the party was ok.

Going to two concerts in a space of one year after not having been to one in several years was noteworthy not that either concert lived up to my expectations based on past experiences. Taking part in a sugar-free and alcohol-free February turned out to be quite liberating. However, as it did have an endpoint, it didn’t take long before I started slipping back into my old habits.

Finally, in between going on holiday, attempting to catch up with friends over kids’ birthday parties, and the usual everyday mundane routine of school runs and after school activities, I also got involved with a painting challenge for a month.  This really surprised me as to how much fun it was and how well some of the paintings turned out. It was a mixture of trace and copy style drawing with painting in watercolour.

Writing it all down and looking back at 2018, I can see it has generally been a good year. With Christmas over and the New Years to look forward to, I think my new year’s resolution is going to be hoping for more of the same good things.

With that, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!

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