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Looking forward to the course tomorrow. It will be on VAT. However, I really need to start making some efforts in getting my blog up to date. I have written some stuff but before I got my iPad, and it was all by hand.  To be honest, I still prefer writing by hand but writing on the iPad is a bit more convenient and I'm sure I'll get used to typing on it soon. Anyway back to the subject of the VAT course, I will go to the course and get back to you. 

As I mentioned above, I went to the VAT course. A few years ago, when I was working in practice and dealing with VAT problems on a regular basis, this course would have been relevant and exciting even.  However, I'm not sure whether it's the lack of sleep due to my daughter teething through the night or because I can't relate this to any real life experiences but I found myself drifting and struggling to stay awake.

Just to give a little background on myself, I am currently registered as self employed accountant hoping to get sub contract work, which was originally  looking quite hopefully but didn't really pick up as I had expected.   However, I do need to keep upto date with my CPD which is why I am going on these courses. I know CPD only counts if it's relevant but how am I going to get 21 hours CPD when I'm hardly working?

On another topic, I was also thinking of doing some voluntary tax work but both the husband and the parents are questioning my decision to work for free which has made me stop and think too.  My reasoning behind it was that while I'm at home and not really working, I might as well get some experience. It's something different and it's working from home and it would look good on my CV.  But the more I think about it, the more I get their point of view.

About A mum and an accountant

Attempting to be an amazing accountant and an amazing mum, somehow combine the two and meet somewhere in the middle but currently failing at both.  Hoping that in a few years I will have found something I enjoy doing or found some sort of work life balance and will be in a less stressed out place but until then, or as I get there, I think I will vent all my frustrations out on these blogs! And the responses I've had to the blogs have been quite nice which spurs me on to keep going.


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