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Rain on umbrella
Rain on the school run

Why does it always rain at 3?

1st Mar 2017
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Since we started the school run at the new school, I or my husband have been going to pick up the girls. This week was the first time I thought I'd take my mother in law to show her where to go to pick up my daughter. Originally, I was going to be busy the next day and didn't know if I'd make it back in time. I wanted to make sure that the grandparents knew where to go, which gate to go through and how to drive there in the first place. I park a bit further away from the school to avoid getting stuck in traffic on the school street. I have no issues with it, nor do the girls and its not actually that far. Maybe because it was cold, my mother in law was not too impressed with all the walking. As it seems to be the norm for this time of the year, just as we got to the school, just after 3pm, the heavens opened. There was a bit of cover while we waited there but on the walk back to the car, we all got drenched. My mother in law had no hood or umbrella and was completely soaked. Me and the girls had hoods in our coats which saved us little but my poor mother in law was not impressed. I almost feel like it's somehow my fault and still feel bad about it. She's still a bit ill and bunged up from it. 


Recently, I've attempted to look into MTD and all the changes that are happening and I still feel so out of my depth with all of this. I almost feel cross that I've done all this in studying to become a qualified accountant but now feel it's all gone to waste. What use is all the skills if everything is going digital? I know there are people who her frightened by the thought of doing tax returns and it surprises me how many people can't get their heads around it.  I love the idea of being able to help them but these people are usually, in my experience so far, bad at paying up. They're doing as much as they can to save money and I feel guilty handing over my invoice to add to their money worries. I still need to chase one client. Being a yoga teacher you'd think she would have some morals about it. 


Talking of saving money, I decided to do a frugal week. I didn't include direct debits and I attempted to do only the essentials when grocery shopping. I'm on day 5 so far and it's not gone so great especially with it being the end of month when a lot of things need to be paid. Also, the girls need new coats and have grown out of (and lost and damaged) their uniforms.  I've tried to buy as little as possible but I'm not sure I was really frugal.  I have a lot of things in my amazon basket that I plan to buy next week once my self imposed restrictions are over but I'm hoping that maybe I won't need to.  If nothing else, I have become more conscious of what I'm spending my money on and asking myself if I really need to buy things.  There is still a lot I want to buy for around the house but there's no urgency so I'm going to wait til there's a sale on or some sort of offer.  I should get my sister in law to shop for me.  She's so much better at finding bargains.

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By johnjenkins
02nd Mar 2017 14:39

Hi Lilac,
I found your post interesting. My wife looks after a 7 year old and yes it nearly always rains when she picks him up from school in the pm.
Turning now to the digital "revolution". This is how I see it pan out.
Phones:- people have already started the move to "phones only" rather than all the gimmicks.
Online shopping:- Again this is plateauing due to misfits, wrong goods sent, not what it looked like in the picture etc. etc.
MTD:- Will never happen in its present form (OTT).
Yes there certainly is a place for "digital" with its marvelous applications but it's one mostly for the techies not the ordinary folk.

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