Two good incentives to share your views

louise ross
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Many of us get lots of requests to complete surveys (particularly if you're in a targetted group like FDs of FTSE 350 or FTSE 100 companies).  One CIMA member in such a role told me he gets dozens of requests a month, from schoolkids to PhD students.  Many of these surveys are worthwhile, and if we believe in evidence based decision making (and managment accountants do) we should find time to contribute our views and experiences.  However, FDs are exceptionally busy people, and the rewards for completing these surveys are often remote and vague.  We appreciate that they are intended to contribute to the development of the profession, increase influence, or provide a more representative perspective on an issue etc. but also recognise that this is dependant on many other factors.  So replying may not be a priority.

The current Financial Director/KPMG survey offers to contribute £1 to the DEC East Africa appeal for every completed response.  In itself, the survey has worthy aims - asking FDs to comment on what needs changing with respect to audit services.  Its important to get the user perspective on discussions about audit (incidentally why CIMA's Chief Executive gave evidence last year to the House of Lords enquiry into audit market concentration).  But I do applaud FD/KPMG for providing this extra immediate incentive to respond.   Any FDs reading this, please consider responding to the survey!


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