So much selling TO accountants!

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Everyone seems to want to sell to accountants these days. 

Maybe it's just a random peak in activity but I feel like I have had a lot of telemarketing enquiries from businesses lately who want to target accountants with telemarketing calls. If this is the level of enquiries I get then I feel sorry for accountants who are fending off cold callers all day long with completely irrelevant and unattractive products and services.

Off the top of my head the suppliers wanting telemarketing are most typically...

  • Web designers & SEO
  • Phone suppliers
  • Printer ink and toners
  • Social Media types
  • IT Support

A quick data count today shows that out of 36,000 accountants in the UK, 9.5k are not on the CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service) yet it seems to matter so little to the businesses I get approached by.

Some will say "Can you just ring all the accountants on such-and-such group on Linkedin?" or "Can you call from for X county please?".  I'm sure some people think they are the first people that have thought of this. :)

When I ask them why they want to target accountants for their telemarketing calls the call usually goes a bit quiet. Some people don't know why they want to target accountants they just seem "professional" or "rich" or "must have a need".

So apologies from me on behalf of all telemarketing people who annoy accountants all day long with irrelevant and unattractive products and services but I promise you that I don't take on any campaigns at all unless I think they are targeted properly :)


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