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Government IT Projects and MTD.

27th Nov 2018
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This week, I had the utter misfortune to fall foul of another of the precious government's wonderful IT systems!

Since my wife and I were travelling to our French home, via the delightful Dartford Tunnel, I registered her car on my account and paid a further £10 deposit against crossing tolls. Making my total credit nearly £15.00.

When we returned home, after just less than two weeks away, my mountain of post included a Dart Charge Penalty Notice for £70! Mainly since the website had failed to populate my account with my wife's new car data.

And thus, the saga began...

The second day after my return, I immediately paid for two crossings: one for the penalty notice issued: and another for the return journey. (If the toll is paid within a short time after a penalty notice is issued then the penalty charge is vacated out). Just to be sure, I called the supposed "Helpline". In the end, I had to pay once again and since I had not, as yet received a formal penalty notice, I was obviously unable to allocate my second payment against the return crossing. The ONLY way this could -eventually - be unscrambled, was for me to pay a total of three times, and then Dart Charge would in theory, refund my third payment to my bank. I am not holding my breath, meanwhile!

The girlie at the other end of the 'phone, was, to say the least, clueless and couldn't even count, properly! At one time, until I disabused her, she was going to refund three times my payments! She did not even realise the Dart Charge fiasco was a government website! I suggested that since the web address commenced " etc" then there was a fair chance it was a government facility!

And these clowns honestly maintain they can roll out MTD!

Look! I have just seen Santa and his sleigh, drive across the sky, escorted by a squadron of Flying Pink Pigs!


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By GHarr497688
27th Nov 2018 22:42

Its disgusting , I had a similar experience with Dart charge. Government need to be more accountable than at present

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Replying to GHarr497688:
By Michael C Feltham
29th Nov 2018 09:12


Sorry you also have fallen prey to this appalling system.

The advice I give to everyone is simple to follow.

When completing any online process, where the web site's system is invariably flawed, is to copy the relevant critical actions and resultants by the simple expedient of:

1. On each and every mission-critical web page, take a "Screenshot" and paste these into a Word or similar document as prima facie evidence, if later necessary, that you have actually duly and correctly completed the process.

2. When you are on the desired web page, press "Control" and "PrtScrn ( Print Screen Command; to be found on the top keyboard row, to the far right of the "F" (Function) keys);

2. Next, immediately after-wards, press the "C" key again and whilst holding this down, press the "Copy" key (Usually "C"): then place the cursor on the Word document at the desired point, and hit the "V " key to paste the copy picture of the web page.

Be sure to clearly enter the date and time at the bottom the Word document.

(n.b. Point of fact, the concealed Metadata (Properties) automatically time/date stamps the document for you).

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