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The Wonders of the "Paperless Office"!

9th Oct 2018
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My practice has a client, whom we have salvaged and assisted our usual ISP to create an IVA.

So far so good...

However, the ISP cannot act as a Trust Funds Holder; and in order to assist the client, we eventually agreed with the ISP that we would open a new dedicated Trust Account, to hold regular transfer in, to pay HMRC all Income Taxes due. HMRC are one of the IVA creditors.

In order to protect myself, from any danger of Commingling Monies, it was imperitative this route was taken. All OK so far...

Well, that was until I tried to contact my Business Bank Manager to instruct them to set-up the facility. What Bank Manager? Without advising me, the practice accounts holder, Barclays Bank plc relocated the "Manager" from Essex to Leeds! Now that would b a long day's appointment; plus a huge waste of billable hours and travelling costs!  Barclays, having closed local branches like fun, expect us all to "Do it online!. Saves money! It's quicker and easier!"

Yeah, right!

Via the online "Secure Messaging Service", I was sent a tatty "Template" in pdf: a real nightmare to fill with text in the right places. I was instructed to simply "Copy and Paste the completed template into a new message". Which I did, attempt one. Barclays received nothing, they said. Hmm. Second attempt. I did manage to make a copy and paste into the message pane (body) and this immediately scrambled the formatting!

Years back, I would simply telephone my Business Manager; we'd chat about golf and I would ask him to open the new facility and two days later a new cheque book and paying in book would arrive.

In the Brave New World of ICT, this is progress? I think not.

Still, I remember now, how and why many years ago we finally worked out what the initials I B M meant.

                                                              IT'S BETTER MANUALLY!



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