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MTD for Spreadsheets and VT pricing

22nd Jun 2018
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Due to our use of Spreadsheets and VT I thought I would look at HMRC's APIs to see if I could do it myself.

I was disheartened nearly instantly with HMRC's attitude:

"If there’s any disagreement between you and us that can’t be resolved, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently remove your access to our APIs"

That's their idea of collaboration!

I think I will leave it to the professional software firms. However, what will their prices be-  £10 per month per client?

Dd our extra  costs between £30 - £50 per month per client?

Will our clients be happy to pay the increased fees of £480-£720 per year if they are only on fees of £2,500 per annum for something that is only compliance? There is no carrot here and I hope HMRC publish a big stick fine so that I can keep clients compliant.

I will get back to burying my head in the sand until the end of February 2019.

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