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I'm in love with...Google Adwords

14th Nov 2009
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I have recently fallen in love with Google Adwords.  In fact I could spend days keying in new keywords and being wowed by the stats it brings up, both in UK and country specific, I'll have you know!

You see I've recently taken on some work which is slightly outside of the normal company secretarial work that I do.  This client is a commercial property consultant who advises on acquisitions/disposals in City and Bloomsbury area.  All very exciting stuff and a whole new world to somebody like me who has always worked in the professional services sector. 

One of things I've been commissioned with looking at is how to direct new traffic to the company's website.  After doing some research (and owing to a £50 voucher from my friends at Google), we decided to go with registering an ad with GoogleAdwords yesterday.   The ad is now live and I have just spent the last 15 mins searching for all the keywords.  Now, I just need to figure out how to raise the ad in the listings.... 


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By chatman
18th Nov 2009 13:45

Google Overcharge Massively.

The problem with Google AdWords is that they keep billing you months after you have stopped any campaigns.

The only solution is to use pre-pay billing instead of post-pay, and to convert from post-pay to pre-pay is quite complicated (presumably because post-pay is quite lucrative for them with all the overcharging.

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By David Winch
19th Nov 2009 13:52

Raising the Ad in the Listings

There are several simple things you can do to raise the 'average position' of your ads (as you will be aware this means getting a lower number!).

Make a higher bid! - Note, this will either cost you more as you raise your daily limit to allow the same number of clicks, or you will get fewer clicks! - Note, this is not the only effective measure!!!!  Here are 8 more ways you might like better!

Get a better "quaility score" for your ad.  This means getting better 'relevance' between the search term, the ad text, and the landing page.  And also get a long-running ad with a high 'click through ratio'.

Recognise that position 1 is not necessarily best!  An average position between 2 and 3 is acknowledge to be the optimum.

Use 'exact matches' predominantly; then 'phrase matches'; 'broad matches' are a bit of a last resort.

Get regular reports on the full text of the searches that trigger your impressions.  If any of them look irrelevant or nonsensical, add negative keywords to your ad to filter these out.  Both these last two measures will improve your CTR and thus your quality score.

Select keywords that are highly searched for but which have low advertiser competiton.  Being a big fish in a small pond sounds obvious but not everybody does it!

Have a seperate landing page for each 'cluster' of keywords.  Each landing page should mention each of its associated keywords several time in natural, flowing prose or simple bullet points.  And get people to do what you'd like them to do while they're there!

Write a separate ad for each keyword.  Include the keyword in the title line, and again in the first line of the Ad, then put a compelling call to action in the second line.

Write a second ad for each keyword and 'split-test' them to see which performs best.  Once you have a reasonable picture of what's happening, drop the worse performing ad and try another.  Continually try to beat your best performance!


I hope this helps.  Send me a direct message for more advice.


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