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She's broken it (again)

20th Nov 2013
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Not one not two but three within a year


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Replies (7)

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By Mouse007
21st Nov 2013 09:26

What is the average life expectancy of an iPhone

The first went down the toilet (how?), the second "developed" a fault and Apple claimed it wasn't an iPhone so I had to go down to the store and say oh yes it is - replace it.

Now she has tested the third and discovered that Apples fall (and don't bounce). Has Issac Newton been dropped from the curriculum?


I’m told little Miss Mouse wants a car for her birthday/Christmas this year.

Something tells me Father Daughter relations are about to enter an ice age.

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By glenbogle
22nd Nov 2013 13:03

Value it

 Once is an accident

Second time is bad luck

Third time - she pays to replace it

Check your insurance

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Replying to Moonbeam:
Red Leader
By Red Leader
22nd Nov 2013 17:31


There seems to be a fashion for young people to gently throw their phone up and catching it again in the same hand. Harmless until the inevitable happens, they miss, and it ends up on the floor.

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Replying to DJKL:
By J_asonR
25th Nov 2013 15:15

I believe this is the case! I always through my iPhone around between hands and behind my back or under my leg when I'm bored standing around waiting for someone or something.. 

Fortunately I've never dropped it, but I guess playing cricket at a high level has helped!

Maybe more young people should be forced into learning to at least throw and catch in school! 

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By Mouse007
22nd Nov 2013 18:28

It gets worse !

Mrs mouse has just called - little madam has now clipped a Jag turning in too fast and trying to squeeze Mum's car through a gap between parked car and said Jag ....




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By glenbogle
22nd Nov 2013 21:32

I hate to say this

It will get worse.

Has she reported the accident?

There may be a question of leaving the  scene of an accident.

The police are getting hot on this . Best to report it

Even if  Cars only damaged and no mice  extinguished.

 Insurers as well

On a FRIDAY that is cruel

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By Mouse007
22nd Nov 2013 21:58

It does get worse

Jag owner lives bang next door to a client in a house owned by said client. Not going to be able to escape that.

No need to report accident, insurance details swapped and no one hurt (yet)




Just wait until she gets home.

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