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A busy week, odd discussions and Sky Q

25th Oct 2017
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Last week was hectic. I recently had to do jury service, which meant I had a lot to catch up on at work. To keep me on my toes, a colleague was on holiday all week and I cover their treasury work when they are off. The treasury work must be completed daily, so it can’t be swerved, unfortunately. Not to worry, I have this week to catch up.


What I find working in industry is that a lot of the mundane tasks that a monkey could do are completed by qualified, experienced people. I appreciate that this happens in practice life, but to a lesser extent because in practice, employers need the accountants working on fee earning work. I get that everyone has to muck in every now and again, but at times, it’s just a waste of resources having someone just over minimum wage twiddling their thumbs whilst a much higher earner is folding statements and licking envelopes for an entire afternoon. Not my call, but I think time is not managed as efficiently as it could be in industry.


The COO’s daughter has been working in our office for a few weeks. I thought we might be on eggshells, but it isn’t the case. She has started some interesting conversations ranging from guessing the culprit of the daily poo in the ladies, to Christmas gifts (it’s nearly here already – where has the year gone?). I’m pretty certain she could talk all day, but she’s harmless and the office discussions that she starts do make the atmosphere a little more relaxed.


I had the new Sky Q box fitted at the weekend. I don’t know why they needed to send an engineer out – it was simply unplugging the two wires and putting them in the new box. I appreciate that some people cannot be trusted with such a simple task, but getting the option to fit it yourself would be nice – especially as the time slot is 5 hours with no update on the day as to when the time is likely going to be.

 The layout is completely different. It is all big pictures, just like Aweb. I’ve found a feature I do like though. I can watch something on TV, and at the same time have the football scores coming in from Sky Sports on a bar to the right hand side of the TV. It has revolutionised by Saturday afternoons.


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By Tom Herbert
25th Oct 2017 14:52

It's an interesting point you make about the mundane tasks in practice and industry.

The AWeb inboxes are always buzzing with news about the latest labour-saving software tools available, and (depending on the workplace) progress has been made in getting rid of the worst of the donkey work, but there's still plenty around.

Thanks for posting and keep them coming :-)

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By FirstTab
25th Oct 2017 21:28

Interesting blog. I hope they will continue.

It is refreshing to get an employee's perspective.

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By Chipette
26th Oct 2017 18:51

Did you mention Christmas??? ;-)

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