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Accidents and Vet Bills - Argh!

23rd Jan 2018
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Vets are great, until you realise that your beloved pet is not insured and you have to foot the bill. Seeing a vet bill come out of your bank account is eye watering.

Yes, I’ve recently had to hand over a wad of cash to vet.

My French bulldog, Percy, jumped from a step and landed awkwardly breaking his ankle. Unfortunately, surgery and letting it heal was not an option. He would have suffered from the pain for the rest of his life. The only options given to us was for him to be put to sleep, or to amputate the leg.

If any of my readers have pets, you would know that the only realistic option was amputation. Yes, we are going to have a doggy tripod!

The cost of the amputation ... £1500.  Whilst it might seem a lot of money, it is money well spent. We have a 1 year old dog that we are told, despite the amputation will lead a relatively happy and healthy life.

Pre-op and four legged Percy can be seen here:


And here (left), with his Boston Terrier friend (right):

Oh, and here as a pup with our other dog, Gordon:

In the world of accountancy, tax and work, I have nothing to report. Some things in life are more important than work.         

Sorry for the soppy post, but I thought I’d blog about something a little different.


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By Tom Herbert
23rd Jan 2018 17:05

Sorry to hear that mrme - get well soon Percy :-)

As someone who chased a diabetic cat around the house every morning for two years with a needle full of insulin so the grumpy old moggy didn't keel over, I can well understand your decision!

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Replying to TomHerbert:
By Trish Baillie
26th Jan 2018 10:45

We too had a diabetic cat - injections were not viable for us as they need you to do them at set times twice a day and we don't live that kind of a life! Monday to Friday would have been ok but weekends not so vet gave us tablets - metformin I think - usually used for humans but ok for cats too. She had 3 years on them before her pancreatis started to play up and she had to be put down.

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