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Conferences, Sleep and Football

20th Nov 2017
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Last week saw me at an internal conference. It was a conference for our directors, and some regional directors to bring them up to date with changes in the business and industry – around 20 in attendance. There were three of us from Accounts that had to do a presentation on different aspects of the accounts.

I was quite nervous before giving the presentation. The only public speaking I have done previously was a eulogy at the funeral of a very close friend in front of around 300 people, and a eulogy at my grandmas funeral in front of around 100 people. Both completely different speaking environments to what was coming up!

The night before we went for a meal around the corner from our hotel and had a load of ale. I woke up feeling fine, but incredibly tired. My hotel room was at the corner of the building and the door outside my room was the route to the entrance / exit. I’d normally complain or asked to be moved, but I was half asleep and kept thinking ‘it’s ok i’ll drop off in 5 minutes’.

It doesn’t beat the hotel stay I had in a previous job where I had to visit the Basingstoke office, however. It was in the middle of a heat wave in July. The air con had broke in the hotel, and the windows only opened an inch or two. When I woke up the following morning the water had gone off meaning no shower! After half an hour, they managed to secure us some showering facilities at a hotel around the corner. That one night was pure hell.

Anyway, my piece was on vehicles and accruals – not the most technical of subjects, but an important one for our business. Once I started, it was much easier than I thought. The attendees were receptive and asked some good questions (luckily none that caught me off guard). Afterwards, the three of us got praise and rather surprisingly, the attendees enjoyed it.

In other news, Leeds United faced Middlesbrough yesterday. For those that don’t know, the manager of Middlesbrough, Garry Monk, was our manager last season and he didn’t leave on the best of terms. I am sure he will have prepped himself for the hostile reception. Before the international break, Leeds had hit relegation form, and Middlesbrough were starting to rack up the wins and I would have settled for a draw prior to kick off. I am glad the game isn’t decided on fans making deals before the game because we didn’t half turn up. A solid performance that saw us win 2-1. What spoiled the game was the dire officiating, and I mean DIRE. I still cannot fathom why the standard of officials in professional football is so poor when so much money is on the line?


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By FirstTab
20th Nov 2017 13:09

Interesting blog. Took me back to my employees days of staying in hotels and going to conferences whilst work was piling up back at base.

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By Golfemmo
24th Nov 2017 10:19

Usually been lucky with Hotels. Never liked standing up and delivering speeches. However, I used to work for a major international Pharmaceutical Company. Delivering my first ever Main Board report at the overseas head office I was very nervous. I had a second report to deliver in the second session. During lunch the Chairman approached me and told me not to worry. His advice for my second presentation was to look at the Main Board members and to remember that each of them also passed wind. I laughed and the afternoon was much better. As to referee's as a regular attendee at Craven Cottage I can only echo your dismay at the standard of the officials

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