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Moving, Drink and Holidays

3rd Apr 2018
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Several years ago I moved to a small town for a job a new job. The job was within commuting distance, but a month or two prior I had been rather stupid. My grandma died in the morning and I went out on the piss to drown my sorrows. I woke up the next day, feeling absolute fine and normal. In the afternoon I went shopping. My brake light was out and I was pulled over and had to do a roadside breathalyser. You guessed it. Nearly 16 hours after stopping the boozy session, I was still over the drink drive limit.

I was banned for 18 months and had to undertake a drink driving course which reduced this to 12 months. Most of the people that attended the course had all been done the following day. Annoyingly, there was someone on the course that got in his car knowing he was pissed. He crashed into two cars and tried to run from the scene. The magistrates gave him a 12 month ban which was reduced to 6 months with the course. Talking to others on the course, the sentencing was not very consistent. That said, we had all been naughty and accepted our punishment.

Now, if I have a drink, I don’t drive the next day. It’s just not worth it. A life lesson.


The job didn’t work out but the move did, however, and I had lived in the town up until last week. I decided to move into a house share. I’m sharing with two other people; a paralegal and a structural engineer. The reason for choosing a house share was a simple one; money!


Despite Yorkshire’s generous rental prices in comparison to down south, it is expensive living on your own. Coming out with a relatively decent salary, and seeing most of it go on house expenses can be pretty depressing.


The house share is a large three bedroom house that has just had a complete refurbishment. All bills included, Sky TV and a weekly cleaner for under £400pm ... bargain!


I could simply have downsized the house, but I wanted to try something new for a year or so.


The plan is to use the surplus cash to save a decent deposit up for a house and get on a few holidays that aren’t your usual Greece or Spain beach holidays. I’m planning on booking a trip to try and swim with Orcas for early next year. If I don’t do it now whilst I have the cash, I’ll never do it when I settle down.


Has anyone else been on any unusual or spectacular trips?


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