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Processes and Zombies

30th Oct 2017
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A large part of my job is dealing with the costs of our commercial vehicles; over 250 of them in the business. The previous system, including the balance sheet rec wasn’t the best.

Before I commenced my employment here, the FD had already started to develop a new process. Since starting my new role, it has been my job to develop that process and ensure it is working how it should. At the same time, I have to phase out the old process. The old process is causing additional work but the new process will eventually save a significant amount of time. Short term pain for long term gain!

The balance sheet rec is quite complex. There is lots of data, lots of pricing aspects to contend with and quite a few other different bits chucked in for reporting. At the end it, it throws out the balanced rec, the invoices ready to query with our suppliers and a whole bunch of other reporting that’s good from an accounts perspective, but also from an operational point of view.

The new process is now two months in and we are already seeing the benefits. Although the new process is a good one, and is working, I think the benefits are more noticeable because of how bad the old process was.

I think in any business you get good and bad processes. Identifying them and improving them is important, and isn’t a one-off job.

In other news, the new series of Walking Dead has recently started. Zombie things aren’t usually my thing, but I gave Walking Dead a chance and really enjoyed it. The storyline is good and engaging. I didn’t watch it from the start – instead I binged on it for a couple of weeks a few months back. I am now resisting the urge (and blanking office discussions) until all of the episodes have been aired. I can’t watch it on a weekly basis as there’s always a cliff hanger, and it’s incredibly frustrating to wait another week – I tried with Game of Thrones recently and it was painful!


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By FirstTab
30th Oct 2017 12:45

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