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Winter is here

13th Dec 2017
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You know winter is here when you need to set your alarm a little earlier so that you have time to defrost your car. Winter is ruining by beauty sleep!


What is it with adverse weather and stupid people? Last week I was travelling to work on the A1 and there were four separate incidents on a 10 mile stretch. My 20 minute journey took 90 minutes. Even after I had got past the car accidents, there were cars hammering it down the motorway in the outside lane.

I don’t mind them risking their own lives, but they are risking mine and other road users.


We have just got management accounts out of the way and will be going to the local restaurant this afternoon for our Christmas lunch. We still have a bit of work to get done, but I expect the atmosphere over the next week or so to be pretty relaxed.


I’ve been roped into attending a stock take in Newcastle next week. At first I thought it would be a pain, but I see it as a day out of the office and a free lunch. A free lunch is always good in my book.


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By FirstTab
13th Dec 2017 20:05

Good to read your blog. Remember lower of cost or NRV.

I love reading people's experience blogs.

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